Leeds at Villa Park on Friday 13th, what could possibly go wrong!?

Today is actually my birthday, so I never had an issue with Friday 13th's.

If I was Bruce, I would change it up for this one. I think we need to accept that we are not going to get second and freshen up the boys ready for a big push in the play offs.

Uncle Albert looks like he needs a rest, Jedi and Whelan are knocking on a bit and Terry should be out for this anyway.

Blood some kids, rest some experience.

That's my view, what do you reckon guys, does he really think we can get 2nd?

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Well happy birthday, let’s hope it’s not the only happy event today.

There can be no argument we need to win all the remaining games. Time for you to earn your money Bruce no more mistakes.

Agree uncle Albert has not been at his best and needs a rest and Bjarnason should start instead of either Whelan or Jedi.

But really I don’t care who plays, Bruce can pick himself if he likes just win the game you’ve given enough points away.

We need to win; it would do a lot to boost confidence. And there is still a slim chance of the automatics.

My guess is that Bruce won't change it too much. Jedi still in defence as Terry is out. Bree at LB as he did OK and we've nobody else anyway. Barney in midfield if he's fit. Probably too early to start Kodjia; I'd give Davis a go but it'll probably be Hogan or Grabban. I'd stick with Albert; playing is probably the best way of getting him back at his best.

We ought to win this with Leeds crippled by injuries. But we're Villa.

Taylor back in for Bree. Barney still out; Whelan plays. Onomah in for Hourihane; wonder if he'll show any interest. Kodjia starts; glad he's back but wonder if it's wise.

Think we're thin in midfield.

No Davis or any U23s on the bench, except Bree.

So mastermind has dropped Uncle Albert and plays Onomah what a prat

And he’s dropped Hourihane 

Job done, which is what really counts. But we should have had a hatfull. Can't see why Onomah gets played and our U23s can't make the bench; useless player.

Just hope Cardiff and Fulham have another mare.



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