OK so we all know that (of late) WHL hasn't been the best of happy hunting grounds for points.


A bit too much drama and concession of late goals has been the hallmark of our last 3 visits, with the dreaded 2-1 scoreline in vogue. 


Is this visit going to be any different? We're obviously in far better nick than we were this time last year, and with them being without Dawson and possbily King, who we know is excellent, so is this the day we'll sort them out and get the 'free' points? They did finally get off the bottom of the table last week with a good away win over Wolves, and we in turn lost narrowly to Stoke, so is the momentum with them? Have they recovered from the Modric melodrama? Did the trip to Greece with the youngsters give 'Arry an ache in his Athens?


How should we set up? Can we cope with their pace if they select Lennon and Bale?


I think we can win the battle in the midfield, and if Messers Carra and Skerts manage to avoid scoring an oggy, we should be able to get at least a point, assuming our finishing is a lot better than last week. Having said that, we need to go for the win, and not lose heart if we do fall behind - when was the last time we came back to win from a losing position, I can't remember back that far...




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It may surprise you but I'd say it depends on the offer.  If someone offered £6m or more, I'd snap their hand off but he isn't a bad fourth choice centre back so would be worth keeping if we didn't get more than £5m.  The problem at the minute is he is third choice behind Carragher and Agger!


Of course, we have Wilson and Coates too but IMO, we should be looking to make Carragher third choice with these pair as other possibilities.  This obvious means shipping Skrtel out and having a new first choice partner for Agger.  Hopefully, this will be Coates.


You could throw Kelly in there too if you like but I suspect he will be given the 'Carragher treatment'.  Played at fullback for a few years before being moved inside once he as learnt his trade and matured.

Yes, I don't think we'll see him (Kelly) at centre half for a year or two, barring serious injury to the old guard.

As long as Carra doesn't play right back, we can put Flano there if you like.



I'd prefer Skrtel to play right back before Carragher!
Oh yes, I think we're all agreed that Carra at right back against the pace of Bale would be .... suicidal!
VDV as been omitted from the Europa League squad because he wouldn't be available for the first four of the six games ('Arry sense)

Yes, and because he blew the whistle on the fact that 'Arry doesn't have any tactical nous! ;)


'Arry didn't want him giving any more interviews to give up the rest of his secrets!

Just reading Sky Sports website and it says that VDV, Lennon, Gallas, Pienaar, Huddlestone and King are all doubts with only Dawson and Sandro definitely unavailable.

It might be cos I haven't watched more than half the total minutes the team's played so far but I feel like it's getting harder to predict individual or team mentalities and performances compared to last season. I'd say that's a good thing cos' it was pretty easy to guess exactly what was going to happen in some matches earlier when we were doing badly.


Henderson's selfishness and both him and Adam ignoring Suarez open was a little bit foreboding for me against Bolton as we've got some pretty young players now. Adam also had some critical comments about his attitude last season with Blackpool. When it was Kuyt or Mereiles playing behind Suarez or Carrol last season, we had no problems like this but that was probably due to their experience and more Kuyt's selfless attitude.


I trust in Kenny's ability and hopefully we can see the fruits of his abilities soon. He had a surplus of older players last season but he also did well with Flannagan, Spearing, Kelly and Shelvey. Would like to see what happens this season with players more used to the limelight.

I don't think Henderson was selfish, just lacking confidence and composure when he went through so he just kept shooting. Adam on the other hand...


I still like him though, I knew when we signed him he'd be frustrating but maybe it's a good thing to have someone as unpredictable as him.


I think if you bully Spurs you'll win. Adebeyor will get bored and Modric doesn't like being bullied.

So rage at them for 15 minutes and they'll become predictably rudderless. Redknapp is getting to that stage he does at clubs where he becomes bored, or 'found out'.

So first the ref. The only card for us that I thought he got wrong was Adam's first, they didn't show a decent replay of it so I'm not sure. His second was stupid but slightly unlucky. Skrtel deserved what he got. Should have been a foul on Suarez but you can't clap at the ref like that and get away with it. Coates might have just got a touch on the ball judging from everyone's reactions but it looked like a foul to me. Obviously he just didn't see Parker's foul on Lucas or it would've been a straight red.


Now onto us. Bad tactics, team selection, performances and attitude. First rule of being Liverpool manager is never leave out Kuyt for the big games, hopefully Kenny won't do that again. Should have given Skrtel more protection against Bale, Downing on the right wasn't the answer.


Everyone was wasteful in possesion but other than the poor passing the only players to come out with any credit were Enrique and Lucas, maybe Carroll too who put in a good shift on the wing. Henderson was too timid and didn't show for the ball enough. Skrtel had an absolute nightmare. So did Adam. Carra was making mistakes and then blaming everyone else. Same with Suarez. Reina handed them a goal. Downing worked hard but was pretty ineffective. Subs did OK until Bellamy gave the ball to Ekotto to set up the goal. Oh and Agger's broken down again.


Well at least I've got all that off my chest.


Now we have to do whatever it takes to beat Brighton and get a bit of confidence back.



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