OK so we all know that (of late) WHL hasn't been the best of happy hunting grounds for points.


A bit too much drama and concession of late goals has been the hallmark of our last 3 visits, with the dreaded 2-1 scoreline in vogue. 


Is this visit going to be any different? We're obviously in far better nick than we were this time last year, and with them being without Dawson and possbily King, who we know is excellent, so is this the day we'll sort them out and get the 'free' points? They did finally get off the bottom of the table last week with a good away win over Wolves, and we in turn lost narrowly to Stoke, so is the momentum with them? Have they recovered from the Modric melodrama? Did the trip to Greece with the youngsters give 'Arry an ache in his Athens?


How should we set up? Can we cope with their pace if they select Lennon and Bale?


I think we can win the battle in the midfield, and if Messers Carra and Skerts manage to avoid scoring an oggy, we should be able to get at least a point, assuming our finishing is a lot better than last week. Having said that, we need to go for the win, and not lose heart if we do fall behind - when was the last time we came back to win from a losing position, I can't remember back that far...




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Adam's second was worthy of a straight red so no arguments from me!  I must have missed Parker's challenge on Lucas?


I thought Downing was missing the whole game, not what I have come to expect of him after the first four games.  I thought Bellamy should have come on much earlier.  Carroll tired but I don't think it was enough, he still looks well off the pace to me.


Overall, I think nearly everyone had a bad day at the office and we should just forget it and move on.


PS - oh, and I can't taking the "I told you so" but, Skrtel and I told you so!

Team selection and tactics were way off for me... Kuyt should've been on the right wing to protect Skrtl or Flanno (think he would have been fine between Kuyt and Carra). 


Shame about Agger, each injury is going to pose questions about him.  A good player yes but unreliable.  I hope Coates gets a few starts as Skrtl's 'defending' is a liability, how he's gotten away with it so much beats me. I feel sorry for Skrtl today though, was always going to have a horrid game at RB.


I think we will always struggle against pacy teams like Spurs so a sluggish start like that was asking for trouble.  Adam... he seems to want to play at his pace, which is slow.  Awful today, although that 1st yellow was harsh!  I think those of you who expect Downing to be able to change a game need to ask the Villains, I like him and what he brings but dont expect him to produce any magic when the team's not playing well.


I just didn't like our setup today fullstop, totally mismatched to Spurs and we had to make changes early on to try and counter that.  Oh and I think we played the best when we were down to 9 men


A growing concern for me is Kenny's team selection.  Again it's early days and as with preseason I'm hoping it's down to not knowing his best team, settling players etc. but that's not going to cut it for ever.  I've not liked or understood a fair few of his selections now.  One question thats been bugging me today; where is Maxi?   Yes we have more squad depth now but not enough to leave experienced players out completely.


AAAAAAAAANYWAY, I'm stopping there, it's got write-off all over it (for fans at least) and I'm trying to not make any concrete opinions for a while yet, so... roll on Brighton!

Shame about Agger, each injury is going to pose questions about him.  A good player yes but unreliable.  I hope Coates gets a few starts as Skrtl's 'defending' is a liability, how he's gotten away with it so much beats me. I feel sorry for Skrtl today though, was always going to have a horrid game at RB.


Don't think we have much choice about it for the next game.  Agger is injured and Skrtel will be suspended, just leaves Carragher, Coates, Wilson and possibly Kelly.


I agree that Kuyt should have played and putting my dislike for Skrtel to one side I would have gone with Flano too.  Adam's first was harsh but as I said above, the second could have been a straight red.  For us, two yellows is better since it results in a smaller ban (I think?)

I suppose that is good news 

Oh that's good, we'll only lose them for the League Cup match.


Although I'd be on the side of Gerrez if we leave Skerts out for as long as possible. ;)

OK. I didn't see the match other than the first quarter of an hour or so, up to the Modric wonder goal, and having viewed the 'highlight' reel and the rest of the goals...I think that was a good thing.


Good lord, what a disgrace. Agree that we looked oh-so-slow, and that it was indeed a mistake to leave out Mr. Kuyt. And, maybe Maxi as well, I know he's not in any way fast, but the experience might have helped.


All credit to Spurs, in that brief bit I saw they looked like they were well up for it.


Back to the drawing board then, can we beat Brighton?

Obviously, i want us to beat Brighton but my concerns are on the Wolves game.  This is a must win match IMO.  We have just lost two on the bounce and we have Everton at Goodison followed by Man Utd at Anfield afterwards so it is really important to stop this rot now.  Brighton could be a good confidence booster but it could also be a confidence crusher.  Having said that, I do not expect to see too many of the first eleven to be involved.  Obviously, Skrtel and Adam won't be since they will both be serving their one match bans (Adam probably wouldn't have been involved anyway, Skrtel was possible at CB).


Focusing on Brighton, I'd like to see this line-up:


Flano - Coates - Wilson - Robinson

Shelvey - Spearing

Maxi - Gerrard - Bellamy



Doni is purely to give Reina a rest.

Flano to give him playing time, plus Johnson is injured.  Kelly is only just returning.

Coates, Wilson, Maxi and robinson for playing time. Was hard to ignore Aurelio for LB though (if fit?)

Gerrard, let's get him playing and back in the side!

Bellamy to give Suarez a rest and Craig some pitch time.

Carroll to give him a chance of boosting his fitness and confidence levels.  Was tempted to say Kuyt here?  Maybe instead of Maxi instead?

If Gerro plays, that's some decent leadership, but if he doesn't I'd say let's have Kuyt in there for that reason alone, especially if Doni starts instead of Reina (which as you say could be a good thing).


Agree on what you say, and indeed Wolves will be hungry, as they too have lost two on the bounce after a great start, and didn't they beat us at Anfield last year to boot.


How are Brighton doing in the Championship, I know Poyet has them playing some very good football, it could be as you say a confidence-crusher if we bottle it.



I don't know much about Brighton and judging by your comments regarding Poyet and they way they are playing, you know more than me.  All I know is they are currently third in the Championship and they have beat Sunderland already this season.


I'd like to see Kuyt involved but at the same time, I want him to be in the first team against Wolves instead of Henderson.  Would like to see Bellamy put in the starting line-up instead of Downing against them too.  Not a lot against Downing, he as done well so far this season bar yesterdays game where he disappeared after five minutes.  IMO, he should be dropped to give him a shaking and let him know he is not a star because he cost £20m!

Surely Dirkaldinho can play twice in a week.


This Henderson thing continues to baffle me ... I said at the start that I didn't expect him to play that many matches in order to give him time to bed-in, but I've been proven wrong there, so I don't quite fathom why he's picked every week, I still think he's got plenty to learn...


And yes, Bellers should fancy getting stuck in v Wolves - just had a look at that Villa thread you meantioned, and WC seems to have his ideas about Downing's Men Tally Tea in those situations, so yes, it's time for some tough love.


How did Coates look, was he decent, the new Sami?

I thought Coates did well when he came on and was harshly booked but it is far too early to judge him.  I don't expect us to see another Hyypia, certainly wouldn't want to put that sort of pressure on the young lad.  With Agger out injured and Skrtel suspended, I was hoping Coates would get a chance in the next league game before someone pointed out that Skrtel's suspension will be against Brighton!  Can we ban him for a seaosn instead of just a game...? 



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