Lisandro with tears of goodbye,Tottenham welcome him with tear stains themselves?

The French press today is full of 'Lisandro's Tears', not literally, but their emotional reaction to what is now seen as an inevitable Lyon exit is all a bit soggy. Lisandro had a good game in his favoured position as a striker and scored and set one up for Lyon in a 2-0 victory over Rennes.

He's not seen as the only likely exit from the French club, but his departure is perhaps the most emotional given how long it's been dragged out for, and how much he initially enjoyed being at the football club.

Lisandro got a standing ovation when he left the pitch as a substitute last night and promptly burst into tears, something which is becoming increasingly common in Ligue 1. The crowd seemed to be aware it was the last time they'd see their hero and the player himself all but confirmed his exit with his emotional reaction. 

Lyon want to reduce their wage bill and the striker now has just one year left on his current contract, meaning that if Lyon have any care for economics - and we know that they do - a sale is going to happen. Short of personally going around each fan and saying goodbye, Lisandro and Lyon couldn't have made things any more obvious last night.

It's just days since French monthly transfer newspaper Le Foot Gazette Des Transferts said Tottenham were still chasing him and there's no reason to think they are not again the most likely destination, at a knock-down price. He'd be far cheaper than players such as Villa, Damiao or Higuain and even if Levy manages to cough up for one of those stars, there'd be enough left for Lisandro.

It would be a bitter-sweet welcome at Tottenham for the player, if they'd had him the whole season, or just since January then they surely would have qualified for the Champions League. As we said just over a week ago:

'The long chase for Damiao has so far led to nothing but during the winter transfer window it looked like they were about to buy Lisandro Lopez from Lyon to give them a little more firepower. Given how close the league ended, a few goals from him over the last couple of months would have probably seen Tottenham finish above Arsenal. 

L'Equipe claimed in February, that for a forward Lyon paid €24m plus bonuses to Porto for, Tottenham offered just €6m! He was 29 at the time and obviously his value will have dropped but not to that level, Lyon already thought Tottenham were unprofessional in transfers after the issues with Hugo Lloris last year and the bid was dismissed out of hand with Lyon not even wanting to go into further negotiations.

On one hand there's being clever in transfer negotiations and on the other there's putting an outright insult of a bid in, when you could really do with an additional striker to help push for the lucrative Champions League. Perhaps annoyingly, given how little was offered, L'Equipe say that the player was keen on a move. 

Just after the €6m revelation, L'Equipe spoke to Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris about the club almost singing Lisandro Lopez, his former team mate, and the Frenchman was positive and obviously a little rueful. 

"Apparently, he almost came to Tottenham... (Smiles) He's a great player, charismatic, gives Lyon an enormous amount. This is a necessary player, someone who works for the team, who is decisive and wins matches."'

There is no mention of other clubs in the main French press and we can only really go back to the claims of last this summer and winter, and what Le Foot Gazette Des Transferts said, coming to the conclusion that Tottenham is his likeliest destination, albeit a little too late for the cash-conscious London club. Lyon fans looks set to lose several players this season and a few were no doubt in tears themselves last night. 

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Why oh why do we as Spurs fans have to listen to Spurs hating drivel? This is such a poor poor article that we need to wonder why does Sport witness allow 12 year olds to post the article in the 1st place.

Hi Mark, just checked. You're the one who said a Modric move was 'laughable', so whilst you're welcome to disagree on Lisandro interest - even though your goalkeeper confirmed it - you just keep calling us kids.

You big grown up, you!

We put real effort in, we buy and read a range of full papers rather than front pages, so could do without you playing the ITK man and acting a dick. Cheers.

Well done.



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