It seems to have been lost on some people, but the all knowing eyes of Jimmy McNulty see everything.


It is my opinion, and my belief, that Liverpool intentionally lost vs West Ham United on Sunday to give them 3 points in the battle with West Bromwich Albion, who are now managed by Liverpool's former boss, Roy Hodgson.


If West Ham had had lost that game, they would have been on 25 points to WBA's 28, but now that West Ham won, and won by a 2 goal margin, they are also on 28 points with a better goal difference than WBA.


This is simply outrageously immoral from Liverpool, and i hope the FA investigate the game.


Liverpool's only other matches vs relegation battlers are against Fulham, and ironically, WBA.


I will be keeping a very close eye on those 2 games and comparing the performances of the players.


It is also of my opinion that Torres and Gerrard intentionally underperformed under Roy Hodgson to get him the sack, and maybe even feigned injury. Such lack of professionalism and sly actions are a disgrace to the sport.

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This is hilarious, I don't think I have ever read such dross in my life. Yes we purposely lost to West Ham so we could get West Brom relagated(I was being sarcastic, look that word up you might learn something). You bell end you cannot seriously think that. We are fighting for forth or fifth. Why would we purposely lose?


But if you want to talk about professionalism. Ok, let's talk about tap in rooney elbowing McCarthy? or Ronaldo kicking out at players because they dared to tackle him. Man ure are the biggest disgrace to the sport. The diving and whinging you lot do is pathetic. Now please jog on.

Oh, the irony!
I don't actually think Jimmy is being serious here but you never can tell.

Regardless of that though it's a bit rich for Liverpool supporters to knock Rooney considering what Gerrard did to Welbeck this season and Mascherano the year before, both escaping bans. Are they disgraces?
I would hope that this article is very much tongue-in-cheek, otherwise I would suggest drinking much more alcohol and going outside for a while.
Larf great article.

oh dear! they are some serious allegations there. 


have you reported this to the F.A???

Jimmy, you sound like you're making up excuses for hodgsons tenure at liverpool and his projected performance at wba :D

What about Mascherano throwing a strop when he was playing under Rafa?


Did his performances undermine the team? What about Alonso?


I suppose it's the 'Liverpool Way'. Much rather do it the Man Utd way tbh.

Utd helped along the way to the title... again... as if you can get away with a flagrant elbow such as that and Taggarts comments after the game... the man has no shame!

I doubt even the most hardened Utd fan can deny Rooney has got away with murder and that the decision is totally immoral.

I don't remember Mascherano or Gerrard attacking anyone off the ball by the way.

Michael Brown?
What about Michael Brown? Gerrard was running towards the box to try and get on the end of a potential cross, he used his arm the try and pull himself passed brown inadvertently catching him with his elbow… Rooney smashed McCarthy in the face.


How can Taggert say this?

Has he not just defended Rooney for what you believe to be exactly the same offence?

Contradiction is stubbornness versus stupidity.

You may want to watch that Brown incident again. I considered posting something witty but the video clearly speaks for itself.



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