Rumours are rife that Dalglish is planning a January bid of Aston Villa academy graduate Barry Bannan.


The Liverpool boss sees huge potential in the the young Scot and has have spoken to Craig Levein who has heaped praise on the player.


Bannan, a player almost thrown to the scrap heap by former Aston Villa manager Martin O'Neill for being "too small", has been in and out of the Villa team for 2 years, never really nailing down a regular spot. But when given a chance to play he has often impressed with his slide rule passing and vision.


So what would it take.... £10m is the figure being touted... perhaps this is striking before the iron gets hot by Kenny, because Barry could become an a great play maker given the correct role in a team, but again he'd be buying potential and would Villa accept the fee considering his age and they know other clubs may be circling (Arsenal) if indeed they decide to sell.


Bannan is a bit of a fan splitter, you love him or hate him. So what would Liverpool fans think?


Another exciting buy for your young developing squad....




another unproven player coming in with a big fee and much to prove.... 


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Lol@ Liverpool and Kenny.
I see that kenny has continued his traditions by looking out for over-priced, talentless British players. I would absolutely love if the scousers sign Bannan as Kenny would once again be the laughing stock in front of the entire football world.
I fully expect the transfer fees to be around the 20-25m mark seeing that Barry is young and British.
Newcastle must be the most happiest guys in the pl since they got rid of that donkey for 35m and bought extremely decent players like Cabaye who would easily get into the United lineup too.
I beg to god that Kenny signs this guy as it would add to the list of one of the most idiotic pieces of business in the transfer market.
Stewart Downing - how many goals or assists does he have? Yes 0. Yet you guys defend him by saying "He gives us width!!"
Finally to summarize - ANDY CARROLL 35m *LAUGH*
^ what a sad wum.
What an intellectual response.!

Red Indian behave. Thanks.


Regarding Bannan, I read the intelligent player aspect and it made me chuckle too.  To be honest I can't see anything in this other than Bannan is Scottish and so is Dalglish. As another point, is 'intelligent' the new way to describe 'slow' players?

My thoughts entirely.

That's exactly what I was trying to convey albeit in harsh (WUMtastic according to some) words.



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