Liverpool's 'Outraged by everything, ashamed of nothing' attitude is harming the club

Outraged by everything, ashamed of nothing. A hefty quote that and not a blanket to be thrown over Liverpool supporters as a group. You can’t classify anyone as one group, whether that be Liverpool fans or anyone else.

I can’t remember where the quote originally came from but it’s being used more frequently as a way to describe the behaviour coming from some Liverpool supporters this season. And there’s truth in it.

You know if you write something like this you’ll get abuse. You know if you write a critique of Kenny Dalglish you’ll get abuse. You know if you say Luis Suarez may be fond of the odd dive you’ll get abuse. It leaves some people scared to voice their opinion.

You could do a poll of people who write about football and ask which Premier League club’s set of fans dish out the most vitriol, we know what the answer would be and that’s nothing to be proud of. If a journalist writes something then a 1000 word response will be written on why the person in question is biased, holds a conspiracy or has a ‘history of attacking Liverpool’. Backs will be slapped and the general consensus seems ‘that’s another one shown, don’t mess with us’.

The explaining of why everyone else is wrong and Liverpool is right has reached new levels this season with the Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra case. Evra was shamelessly painted as someone who plays ‘the race card’ and we were all told nothing had been said, he made it up. This then changed to an argument that the word used was negrito – which they explained was totally harmless. We had hefty blogs about why the word negrito is just an ingrained part of Uruguayan culture and it’s our arrogant British colonist attitude which prevents us from accepting that. Some who had previously thought Montevideo was a DVD rental outlet were now experts in the nuances of language in South America.

I must have had an image of a negrito branded lolly on sale in South America sent to me daily over a period. LOOK SEE, IT’S ON A LOLLY SO IT CAN’T BE RACIST YOU MANC SLAG. Or words to that effect.

All this energy was wasted as it was eventually revealed negrito wasn’t the word used anyway. So then those who said it wasn’t ‘negro’ but ‘negrito’, and that made it acceptable, were now working arguments around how using ‘negro’ was understandable too.

It wasn’t about being right or wrong, it was about winning. A battle of wills. Some seemed to be coming from the perspective that they’d be letting their club down if they admitted for one moment Luis Suarez could be at fault, the initial reaction – and repeated snaps – from Kenny Dalglish had made it clear this was a Liverpool versus everyone else issue. Everyone had to jump in line to defend the club at all costs, and that’s what many did.

This stance has continued since.

Yes all clubs have their fans who go bat shit mental at anything but Liverpool have more. There’s no getting away from that, ask anyone who uses Twitter regularly to follow football and they’ll confirm it for you. Someone says or writes something which can be construed as being remotely offensive and there’s all out mayhem, the usual ring leaders gather the troops and they’re sent off to battle.

Alan Davies was the latest target after saying some crass comments on an Arsenal podcast. He regularly takes part in the podcast and complained about the fact Liverpool don’t want to play on the anniversary of Hillsborough and how this has caused Chelsea issues ahead of their Champions League semi-final.

I see his point and it’s one many share but I see the other side too. If a family member of mine had been killed in a football related incident that day then an FA Cup semi-final is probably not the place I’d like to be. However, there’s nothing wrong in questioning it, nothing wrong in having the debate. You’re allowed an opinion about it and allowed to voice it without receiving death threats, surely?

Apparently not. Davies has been told not to go to Liverpool and had his life threatened, this is amongst other vile abuse directed his way. Yes, there have been more sane replies to him but they get drowned by the bigger, more threatening, waves.

Davies had to go on Twitter and defend himself, say he’s backed the JFT96 campaign and didn’t mean to upset anyone. Yet the abuse continues. Supporters of all clubs helped backed the cause last year as the petition to release files reached over 100,000 signatures. This was bigger than which club you followed and the coming together was quite warming.

Respect was shown to the cause, it was widespread. Yet where’s the return respect? When you ask for respect then surely you must respect the right of others to have an opinion and not encourage, make, or excuse, attacks on them.

I got it myself last week. I agreed with someone that I didn’t really ‘get’ the posters being given out to Everton fans prior to the FA Cup semi-final, they encourage people not to buy The Sun and ask for justice for the victims of Hillsborough. The campaign to boycott The Sun is well known and the files are due to be released soon. I just thought it was a bit much, that people should wait to see the files and take it from there.

That’s my opinion. For having that opinion I was called a whole barrel of names. I did manage to have a chat about it with a reasonable Liverpool supporter or two but, as always, they were drowned out by the vicious section. It carried on until the next day and as I walked around Tatton Park I checked my phone to see yet more abuse from Liverpool supporters.

This is the internet, people see these things and does anyone think this helps the JFT96 cause? That calling someone a slag or threatening them and tagging #JFT96 at the end is somehow smart? Any point that a person has is diluted the more threatening they become.

I can be my own worst enemy sometimes because I snap back but I just don’t see why people should take abuse and not respond.

There are a lot of Liverpool supporters on Twitter who see me as an enemy of their state, a biased Mancunian who continually knocks their club. It hasn’t always been this way, when I wrote about Hillsborough last year I received some very kind words from a lot of Liverpool fans. The article was published on several platforms and some of the responses genuinely had me welling up.

I started to be an enemy of their state when I started to criticise them, specifically over the Suarez affair. People who followed me then will know I had people wish death upon me along with some of the most vile insults you can imagine. It didn’t make me scared of criticising Liverpool when I felt it appropriate, I criticise many clubs and joke about them too. Too many bite their tongue because they don’t want the hassle of the backlash, and it skews opinions.

It’s almost a weekly occurrence and last night (and this morning) Liverpool supporters aren’t doing themselves and any campaign favours by lashing out with outrage at Alan Davies. People will be less likely to support an issue when a lot of their backers are so keen on hurling abuse and threats around the internet, that’s just natural.

One of the reasonable Liverpool supporters, and there are many, told me that these people who flirt around the internet abusing folk don’t represent the football club. And therein lies the real problem for Liverpool, they do. Right now it is a larger section of their fans who engage in this behaviour than any other club, and that reflects badly. Anytime a supporter of another club jokes about Hillsborough it harms the reputation of the team they follow just as anytime people see Liverpool fans dishing out threats and abuse, it harms the reputation of the club.

If you’re looking for something to be outraged about, surely it should be that.

You can follow Annie on Twitter, but please keep it civil @AnnieEaves 

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When you write something like this, you are bound to get abuse, you may have a point on some of the subjects you have covered but you are going to get a reaction. If you don't like the reaction don't write the article.

There are good and bad at every club but you are saying there are more idiot Liverpool fans than any other, I don't think that's the case. You may have been abused by some Liverpool fans for what you have written in the past but that doesn't make us all bad. It also doesn't make them wrong it depends how they take what you have written.

There is no excuse for death threats and over the top reactions like that.

There is also no need to write an article like this that is just having a go at Liverpool for no particular reason.

I was pre warned about you before coming on here, looks like they were right.

Personally I think too much attention is paid to Liverpool and they are turning into the Mario Balotelli of football clubs, always grabbing headlines, always getting the attention, never for the right reasons. The media have delighted in poking the Scouse bear this season and really I struggle to understand why. Are they really that interesting?

Why have we heard so little about Everton, who are now above Liverpool in the league with resources so limited that it seems almost miraculous. Why do we not hear anything about Norwich, a newly promoted side who started the season well and, unusually for a newly promoted side, look to be ending the season well. Why do we still hear so much about Andy Carrol when he's not scoring goals, yet almost nothing about Clint Dempsey or Demba Ba? Why are there so many articles about how crap Liverpool have been for the last dozen games or so, but no serious analysis of why Manchester City's wheels fell off over the same period, a set of wheels which were of much greater import to the title race.

The LFC fans complain about all the negative attention they get in the media. The media complain about the reaction of LFC to the negative attention. The obvious solution would be to not pay so much attention to the club.

I get that many journalists, who are I guess my age or older, grew up under Liverpool's rule in the 1980s, to our generation Liverpool were immense, even if many of us were too young to remember the specifics. But times have changed. Liverpool are not even close to competing for the league. They are unlikely to compete seriously for a Champions League spot for the foreseeable future. It's time to turn the attention of the media to other clubs whose performances merit it.

I agree Doghouse the media need to back off and the fans need to ignore the repetative articles written.

You're being ironic here, right? Please tell me you are.

Please tell me that you really do understand the reasons for the difference, in terms of media profile between  Andy Carrol and Demba Ba / Clint Dempsey.  Tell me that you realy are aware of the amount of coverage that Everton, Norwich and Man City have been getting, despite - in the cases of the first two - far less theatre of the absurd than has been provided by LFC this season.

Yes, of course you're being ironic. It's your little parody picking up on Annie's image of the paranoid scouser. Nice one.

Hahaha. Keep it up Annie. Good work. The scousers on other site are just so wound up with this article that it's unbelievable. This is an absolutely spot on article whatever rivals may say.

But they are not wound up with the article??? I posted it and have been looking through it so I don't really understand your post.

Everyone is just talking about it other than 1 or 2 of them and they are not exactly being abusive.

The main article is just a pointless rant dressed up to try and show that the OP is being reasonable.

"It also doesn't make them wrong it depends how they take what you have written."


Death threats and abuse are always wrong, as you made note of yourself. So yes, it does make them wrong. And it is perfectly reasonable to write an article on this if the author has been receiving excessive abuse from Liverpool fans.


"When you write something like this, you are bound to get abuse, you may have a point on some of the subjects you have covered but you are going to get a reaction. If you don't like the reaction don't write the article."


So...basically you are saying that people should not criticise Liverpool if they want to avoid receiving abuse?? I think this is the author's original point and you have just proved it.


Personally, I think Liverpool get too much attention for a mid table team anyway.

Personal opinion, which counts for nothing, but we all like our say.

A tad overboard..but note the word tad. Just a touch, nothing excessive.

I cannot for the life of me condone, warrant or even comprehend, the abuse aimed at Alan Davies these last few days. The man stated an opinion. It was not diatribe, it was not vitriolic, it wasn't really controversial.

As you state, if you (in this case I) where close to one who had perished at Hillsborough, I may feel a bit differently. And also being a semi final (again) it could bring back some bad memories, not a nice place to be on that kind of anniversary. But those memories are their all the time, not just on April 15.

But Liverpool have to play on April 15 at some point... the only reason I gather it is still held to be so painful is because of the jft96 campaign and until the answers that are desired are received, then they probably won't play on that date. One day it will happen though. Maybe playing Everton (consider yourself honoured, normally referred to as the blue sh*te) would have been a great way to exorcise some ghosts of 1989.

Davies did point out that Manchester United (yes normally manure, I am being polite tonight) do play games on February 6th. A date as synonymous with Old Trafford  as April 15 is with Anfield or January 2 to Rangers. So he could not see the difference and it was also regarding Chelsea having to play a few days later in Europe when neither Merseyside club had a game to play. When a switch over of dates would be helpful to our last European representatives. 

I am stunned that the £1000.00 donation made by Davies, to the jft96 campaign has been rejected. I suppose some reason lurks in the undergrowth that will make sense of that.

We all have our opinions on Suarez/Evra... I would much rather not go there..suffice to say we will beg to differ. However I will say that is not jumping on the Dalglish call to arms bandwagon. Just my personal view, having been sad enough to have read all of the fa panel report, that had more holes in it than your average colander. 

Your own personal abuse... I would love to comment only I have not followed you on twitter for long enough too comment. Though I will say I have seen you receive some dogs abuse on some issues...normally retweeted and dismissed by yourself. But I would like to say that it is totally wrong to be labelled a slag or  receive death threats because of an opinion, is way out of order. It is not like you have been trying to incite riots or wage war.

So the crux of the matter....... Liverpool supporters being unable to accept critique and forming a siege mentality against anyone who dares try such a tactic.


As you say, many decent Liverpool supporters are out there. I would class myself as one of them. But their does seem to be a clutch..or whatever term you feel is best used, of people who do have a mentality that no matter what, Liverpool Football Club should never, under any circumstances, by anyone outside of the club, be able to criticise the club, team or supporters. And a lot of it may have something to do with the downward trend of the clubs success since 1990 and the dramatic upward trend of our once noisy neighbours from down the Est Lancashire road since 1992. Jealousy is a nasty green witch. Even Chelsea where subjugated to it for a couple of seasons.

I will no doubt be panned, castigated and maybe even get death threats myself, for my opinion, but that is how I see it.

My sympathy goes out to all those who suffered, perished and the families of those people after the horrific events of April 15 1989. I count myself lucky that my ex did so much whining that we needed to save for a soon to be child, that I had to give up my ticket for the Leppings Lane for that day, and went to work.

But through all the justice that is desired, and rightly so, Liverpool Football Club should never forget that justice was never served for the events of May 29 1985. They wanted friendship thereafter... but rejected the olive branch offered by Alan Davies. 

Double standards stink don't they !

And yes Annie, I am a Liverpool supporter who was at Heysel. So I kind of know a little about disasters in a football stadium. 

Liverpool as a club is now almost universally disliked by all other clubs supporters,even more so than man utd.At least the dislike of man utd is the natural jealousy of a successful club whereas  Liverpool s arrogance ,as demonstrated by the dreadful Dalglish yet again in last nights post match interview,,does nothing whatsoever for the club



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