Really pissed off with this what ifs or maybe's regarding the financial situation at VP

We have a Gook as as an owner who is even worse than the Yank  Lerner- at least he kept us solvent !

we have good players on contract - use em play em - they are not to be used as financial scapegoats

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We're all pissed off. Xia has no money. He's scrabbling around finding cash to pay the monthly bills. If Jack is sold the money will be used simply to pay those bills. Until it runs out. He seems to be hanging on as long as he can. But unless he finds the solution that he's so far been unable or unwilling to, this cannot go on. Biggest danger is he'll be here until he's wrecked the club.

He has to sell. It seems there are several offers on the table, serious ones. He seems unwilling to look at them. Sell now to somebody with enough money to cover our ongoing debts and more, and we'd probably still be OK. By then Jack will probably have gone, but if that's all we stand a good chance of a good season.

The mail has been saying he's realised he has to sell, but he's just flown back to China with nothing sorted. My guess is that he was only over here to do a deal with Spurs.

Bloody frustrating!

All this is fundamentally wrong, Doug Ellis sold to Randy Lerner who’s initial enthusiasm was lost when O’Neill failed to come good on his promise of champions league football having spent millions backing that promise. As a result he came to believe that it was money down the drain especially when he saw players signed for millions out of favour and not contributing.

Move on to today and its history repeating itself, employ a good manager and sack him after a few months, employ another who guarantees promotion and the rich land of the premiership.

Repeat the Lerner plan sign players for millions and see them out of the team, one even deported to oz for failing to climb his gate or was it stealing milk?

It is all about management, getting the best from the staff, moulding a team including youngsters with drive and fresh enthusiasm. The irony of Fulham beating us to the promised land is that they did it with £12m in their back pockets from the sale of McC a player we don’t play and can’t get rid of.

The Dr is where Lerner was, sitting amongst broken promises of riches tomorrow, well tomorrow is here and unlike Lerner the Dr doesn’t have the money to ride this through. Lerner’s big mistake was appointing incompetent management, the Dr has done the same and now sacked the only people who are supposed to know football. 

As the saying goes we are all doomed, it breaks my heart to see teams that were not long ago below or equal to use doing so well in the prem while we sink lower and lower.

Please Dr sell the club and we supporters can for now believe it will be third time lucky and look upwards again, oh and one more thing sack Bruce because he failed to fulfill his undertaking of promotion.

The anger I feel inside when I hear the word Dr or read an article regards the man selling what has taken years to build, to fund a dream he cant afford.

Every morning I check the inter web for news of what's been happening over night here in Auss, with the hope that he has sold up but sadly, like a nightmare, the horror show goes on, even gets scarier.

I know I haven't always agreed with you Greek but what you have written, sums up how we all feel.

I have now read that the Dr has returned to China with us still held in his grubby hands.

Looks like he did come over just to agree to sell Jack to spurs, who we were better than on and off the field

Just 7 years ago.

All I know is it looks like no players are coming in, the best of our squad are being sold and the money Vampire will continue sucking us dry for Tony's ego trip.

Please Dr, Fcuk off and leave us with at least a good name as under you, we will have nothing left.

I'm not getting excited, we've been here before, let's wait and see!

Well, we wanted investment. We've got investment!!! Two billionaires now in the driving seat.

With our recent history I'm cautious. But both Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris are well established figures, seem to know what they're doing, have oudles of experience, and shouldn't have too much trouble in funding us as and when necessary.

What does this mean? Think it means our cash crisis is over. FFP isn't so clear but my feeling was that that was overhyped a bit. Don't know if we can keep Jack, but would be surprised if we still need a mass clearout of our best players. If that's the case, we should be looking at a decent season ahead, minimum.

Will Bruce stay? Pure guess on my part; think they'll keep him while they get to grip with the club, and then take a look at how he's doing. So reckon he'll be here for the bulk of the season, minimum, unless results are too bad.

Not sure how cut and dried this is, but here's hoping.

It is positive at least, time will tell, but things are brighter this morning.

Bet these boys won’t want two season in the championship, if they have been watching us for a while as they must have been then if they don’t get rid immediately they will keep him for the season.

Big mistake in my view he failed us massively. Surely Grealish and Chester won’t go now as they have said they will strengthen the squad.

We are back in business at last!

The Mail still has it that they'll be sold. Don't know if they know something, or whether they don't know either.

I think a fair market value for the renaming rights to Villa Park is a GAZILLION dollars!!

Jack and Chester played today, another good sign.



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