London 2012 medals not very well thought out...

That above is what an Olympic gold medal will look like next year. Nice isn't it. I'm sure the winners will be overjoyed and they'll adorn many a safety deposit box for years to come.

Nice touch with that woman as well eh? Who she? Well I can reveal to you that lady is the Greek Goddess of Victory which is totally appropriate and she cuts an impressive figure too.

You're all going to have to learn her name though so you look like a smart arse next summer. Greek not your strong point? Ah well, you've got a year to get her name around your head.

She's called Nike. WHAT?


The same Nike who are not sponsoring the games unlike their bitter rivals Adidas who are paying more than £40m to be a Tier One sponsor. So each time an event, partly financed by Adidas, takes place all the competitors will be after a medal with Nike on it.

We'll all know who she is as it's bound to be pointed out a thousand times between now and then so each time someone waves their medal at a camera we'll all see Nike, think Nike, snigger at Adidas.

London 2012 had this designed themselves, it's not something they had to go along with. It's a commercial world now with Olympics funded by sponsors, whoever thought that using the origins of the Nike brand was still a good idea may now have to explain a few things to Adidas.
Adidas in turn may think twice before sponsoring an Olympics again.

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I wonder how you go about copyrighting images of Greek Goddesses. Maybe Nike could have an ad campaign during the Olympics and use this or a similar image.


What's the comittee's next idea? Maybe they'll give all the winners a big velcro tick to stick to their chest.



She has been used before, she's the usual 'gal, however London could have gone their own way.


Perhaps Adidas should have twigged as well.

Ah right.

Still seems like something someone would notice.

Yes, since 1928 in fact.

"The obverse of each Olympic medal from 1928 to 2000 features Nike, the Greek goddess, with a palm in her left hand and a winner's crown in her right. The official name and year of the Olympiad and the name of the host city are also included, along with the coliseum of ancient Athens, a vase, the Olympic rings and a horse-drawn chariot. However, since the 2004 Olympics, the medals have depicted Nike flying into the Panathenic stadium. This picture makes a definitive reference to the Greek character of the Games. Also, each host city is allowed to design the reverse of the medal. In the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing represented Chinese culture with a ring of jade inlay."

This is from:


The other side looks like a game of ker-plunk, only using a hideous logo instead of marbles.

The other side, to me, seems like a reject of the original logo design. In other words, who ever designed the original logo probably thought, this looks crap, followed by intense scribbling out by the designer, only for someone 'in the know' to pick it out of the bin and say 'hey, this is exactly what we're looking for in a trendy image!'.


All in all, awful is the word that still springs to mind



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