This was written Thursday 26th July - so apologies for the incorrect dating.

We're just 24 hours away from the biggest spectacle Britain has hosted in living memory. The Olympic Games will open at 9pm BST, with Danny Boyle's Opening Ceremony, titled 'Isles of Wonder'.

80,000 people will be lucky enough to be sat within the Olympic Stadium, watching the show. A further 30,000 will be watching it on big screens around the country, whilst another four billion (that's 4,000,000,000 people) will watch on their television around the world. Watching British coverage.

So, who has been handed the mammoth task of broadcasting to two thirds of the world's population a seamless, insightful set of programming that will give Boyle's masterpiece the imagery it deserves? Well, Auntie Beeb, of course.

The BBC will be broadcasting over 2,500 hours worth of coverage over the next two and a half weeks, across the four main BBC channels, and through 24 special Olympic channels - all available in HD. Live broadcasts of every sport in every venue - something that's not been done before.

But it's not like the BBC aren't exactly used to it. This is their fourteenth consecutive Games, and their second Host Games - their first being in London 1948. The BBC are used to these big events, and this could very well be a defining moment in the history of the corporation.

The BBC have been working tirelessly since London was awarded the Games back in 2005 to make sure that this summer will be mind-blowing. I've met a few of the delegation being sent to the Games, and they're honoured to have even been asked, due to the length of time it has taken to get to this point.

They're sending over 750 members of staff to ensure coverage is world-class - across TV, radio, and their online presences. Name your sports host, and they'll be there - Lineker, Balding, Murray, Logan, Barker, Baker, Jones, Williams, Hollins, Edwards... It may sound like a football team, but they're the cream of the crop of broadcasting.

The BBC recently agreed a deal with the International Olympic Committee to extend their rights deal beyond the 2012 Games, and take it through to 2020 - including the Winter Olympics. It's a phenomenal record, and one that has helped place the BBC very firmly in every Briton's heart.

So remember, tomorrow night, as you watch it, how much work has gone in to covering the jewel in the crown of British sport this summer. And thank the Lord for the BBC...

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