London 2012: Will your Olympic moment be trumped this year?

We've gone from waiting for seven years, with the Games just a distant point in the future, to what it is currently. Now, we're just nine days from welcoming the 2012 Olympics to London. And that's one of the most wonderful, most incredible feelings any Briton who has followed the journey can feel.

Any moment from the last seven years can be attached to a 'Where were you?', or a 'What were you doing?', and the vast majority can tell you what, where and when. From winning the Games themselves in July 2005, to the ground-breaking ceremony for the Olympic Stadium itself in late 2007, to Boris receiving the Olympic flag in Beijing in 2008, to the final four years' worth of excitement, wonderment, and incredible feats in creating such a phenomenal area for the world's athletes to compete. It's been quite a ride.

If it wasn't a home Games, we wouldn't have had such a build-up to what is arguably the greatest moment for Britain in post-war history. It would have just been hope, towards a record number of medals. However, memories have been made before the Games, and there will be hundreds more after the Games.

But before all the frolics that will come in just nine days' time, we already have our own Olympic memories. I've been lucky enough to have lived through four Olympic Games - Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, and Beijing 2008. Some of you will have lived through more; some will have lived through less. But we remember those incredible moments in time where something special happened.

The first Games I remember are Sydney, and Steve Redgrave winning his fifth gold medal, becoming the greatest Olympian Britain has ever seen. I have fond memories of Athens, and the return of the Olympics to its home. We were in America, suffering the US television coverage, and missing out on any good British news - American TV only shows major events in which America themselves are competing.

Beijing was something very, very special for me. I get shivers every time I even think of it. The greatest show Earth has ever seen. The Opening Ceremony left me stunned. The British cycling team left us all with open mouths. And the fastest race the world had ever seen was run in the Bird's Nest, with Usain Bolt becoming the most famous athlete on the planet overnight. That race leaves me with goosebumps, and just makes everything else fall away. It was a moment in time where the world stood, watched, and were left knowing that the world had just witnessed something very special.

But in my short time on this planet, there have only been four Olympic Games. Which leads to the discussion... What's your defining Olympic moment?

Was in Ben Johnson's world record sprint in Seoul? Was it Mark Spitz's seven gold medals in Munich? The East German swimmers in 1988? The gymnastics team from the former USSR in 1992? Or were you inspired and left stunned by another moment in time?

We've all got one of those very special moments in time where you can relate to everything that happened on or off the track. It's something that ties us all together. Something unique within us that has changed the course of humanity.

Let us know in the discussions box below. You never know, it may be trumped by something else this summer.

You can come and say hello on Twitter - I'm @AdamMillsUK. You can also let me know your thoughts via the comments box below!

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