Your views? 



What should be done to bring them under control. 


In my opinion, F it, let police use excessive force. If there are casualties on the side of the looters, no big deal imo. They made there bed, let em lie in it. 

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Go in quick and hard. Save homes and businesses and only when it's all over look at why it happened.

Yeah agreed. 


Saw someone on twiiter on the live feed earlier saying that water cannons shouldnt be used on rioters because someones eye got taken out by one of them once and it could injure them, im sorry but I dont give a flying fuck, let the bastards get whats coming to them. 


100 million in damage caused the other night, whos gonna pay for that? Peoples home and livelyhoods are at stake. Read that poor bloked account who got his post office burnt down, its an absoulute disgrace. 

Problem with that though is there always going to be an innocent citizen who will then get hurt and it is splashed all over the rags. But I still say draft the army in, rubber bullets!
Innocent people are being harmed anyway.

I would agree with that aswell. 


I cant beleive they got the excuse for this because some scumbag with a gun got shot by cops. 

We have to get the army in. These people don't respect or care for the police, everybody respects the army and your not going to f**k with them.

Also, where's our f**king Prime Minister? Still on holiday? The worlds economy is collapsing again and we have riots in the city centre and where is he?
He's on a plane home.

They should definitely be deploying Water Cannons, rubber bullets and start kettling, it's about time the rest of us were protected. 


100million?  Where did you get that figure from, did tottenham buy ronaldo?  Not trying to be sarcastic, just don't see £100m of damage :)


It's a bit early to say exactly what happened to mark duggan, which makes the riot even more senseless in the first place.  It did take the police some time to respond to the family but they weren't in charge of the investigation, we've just had a huge scandal involving people at the met talking about stuff that they shouldn't be talking about, so it was rightly left to the IPCC who took their time!! 


Funnily enough I don't see any of these people rioting when I young man gets stabbed by a gang in London. 


I see it has now spread to birmingham and there was a shooting in chapel town (s#ithole in leeds).

I was sat here with skynews on watching cars burning and it goes to the adverts the first one of which is selling car insurance to a "Young Man" soundtrack.Surreal or what?

surreal or cynical?  This is sky news were talking about, I'm surprised there hasn't been a B&Q advert for hoses and sprinkler systems. or a tesco advert for 3 for £10 barbecue meat selections.

lol the sad thing is, it's not even far fetched to think that. They should burn down the Sky headquarters actually. And every ruthless corporation in the country for that matter.

Arm the masses, the revolution is here.


Manchester is Red - the rest of the country must follow.







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