Your views? 



What should be done to bring them under control. 


In my opinion, F it, let police use excessive force. If there are casualties on the side of the looters, no big deal imo. They made there bed, let em lie in it. 

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Ah, my mistake.  I guess, for me it's way beyond that, they've needed a clip round the ear for years, a punch in the face is clearly what's needed right now :D  If we don't let the police sort htem out then we should be allowed to slap the little tykes.


I don't even care if those little chavs weren't directly involved, they were out causing bother for the police, accept the conequences., I hope they kept them there long enough to literally scare the living S*** out of them and make them physically soil themselves.


If a few more heads got banged then maybe we wouldn't get groups of kids beating up or even killing adults protecting their families and properties.

You can see why the bobbies haven't been encouraged to have a go. Looks like I was right and the incident will be investigated. Is it worth losing your job over some little horror who should have been slapped across the bum by his mum the first time he gave backchat?

Just seen a bloke interviewed on TV, another one who didn't agree with the rioters BUT.... He didn't agree that benefits should be cut because "Like wot if I have a girlfriend like, an' we have a baby right an' I ain't got no job. You stop my benefit I can't support my girl and my baby". Duh, don't have the baby if you can't support it. Contraception is FREE isn't it, if you can't keep your wotsit in your Calvin Kleins!  I could have reached in the television set and throttled him. He wasn't a kid himself and really believed his twisted logic.

My husband has two kids from his first marriage. We paid maintenance and anything on top that the kids needed. We waited until they were grown and independent before we decided to have kids to find that there were problems. We saved for the possiblity we might need IVF but luckily it didn't come to that. So I was 38 when I had my first child and a few days shy of my 41st birthday when I had my second. I feel so angry that these idiots are even being given air time.


If they cancel the football I may well tip over the edge!


No surprise really but Spurs v Everton has been postponed.


The other 9 games however will go ahead as planned.

They haven't confirmed other games going ahead, just said it's up to individual police forces.

Ah ok.

Serie A and La Liga could also be delayed but that's due to player strikes.  Then there's Turkey.

Echoes a point I made earlier Wishi. I can't remember riots taking place in the winter months when it is piddling down with rain. Nobody likes to be cold and wet.

I switched to coverage of the emergency debate in the house of commons yesterday. Hardly enough MP's to constitute a coffee morning let alone a debate. But one or two did say soak the so and sos with water containing indelible purple dye. Being cold, wet, having clothes ruined and looking like Tinky Winky for a week or two would tend to put a bit of a dampner on your anger, bravado and antisocial behaviour. You've got to be of a certain mind set to carry off purple in any fashion season.

That's a good idea mrs c.  It would also make them a bit easier to round up after the event.  I'm a bit concerned however about the centre of Manchester being covered in purple dye though.  Because as everyone knows thecityisred.
Would that also make the streets purple...?  Can we put red dye in with imprinted Liverbirds instead...? 
Did anyone else see those teenage self confessed looters interviewed on Sky News this morning? One of them confessed to making a conscious decision to loot the Comet store, in Camden I think he said, which had refused to answer his email or respond to his CV for a job vacancy. Listening to him speak and give a fair bit of information by which he could be traced, he didn't strike me as the next great salesman for Comet. I expect the Police will reply to his email and CV now, but it won't be for a job offer.

Sounds like he as the makings of a future prime minister to me...



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