Your views? 



What should be done to bring them under control. 


In my opinion, F it, let police use excessive force. If there are casualties on the side of the looters, no big deal imo. They made there bed, let em lie in it. 

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Read your Marx comrade.These aint the masses their the lumpen proletariat.Keep the flag flying though amigo!
Fuck me. That fire in croydon was the worst I have ever seen. Why the hell did it take half hour for the fire service to get there.

I've had an office burn down and it's utterly heartbreaking.  We were fully insured but it just rips you apart for months.


That was on Dale Street and the first started across the road and spread, that must be a worry tonight.


And I hate to say this but I'll be astonished, though happy, if there hasn't been someone killed already.  Old people lives in these flats above shops too and many will just be terrified.

It's a disgrace, and pure vandalism IMO. I can not believe these scenes from Croydon, it looks like a war zone!
BREAKING: Rio Ferdinand brings out new t-shirt range. 

Pictures from B'Ham don't look very clever either. :(


Stay safe, Villans.

Brummies getting involved now, why?  My cousin's in a flat above shops in the middle of it, looting and fires going on all around her.  Hope us Northeners stay out of it, what scum!

Dear me, I hope she is OK. :(

no idea, waiting for her to post another facebook update. I'm hoping she's left the flat to be honest
Oh wow I live around 20 mins from Croydon, I'm in Turkey at the moment but this sounds terrible!

Pretty bad - not sure you want to see the photos tbh.


Classic mob mentality, people standing around, getting involved, thinking it's an excuse for a big knees up, but really, they are destroying people's livlihoods, homes and property.



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