Your views? 



What should be done to bring them under control. 


In my opinion, F it, let police use excessive force. If there are casualties on the side of the looters, no big deal imo. They made there bed, let em lie in it. 

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Some furniture store, apparently been there a 100 years. Completely burnt to the ground. Do you know it?
Oops misread, thought you said you were from croydon. As you were.

At least you have an alibi ;)


Anyone heard that brilliant Bill Hicks joke about the LA riots?


"I went over to England the day the L.A. riots occurred. Unbelievable timing. I left L.A.- "Bye, Bill! Enjoy England!" "I will! Y'all have fun while I'm gone!" "We will, Bill, bye!" I land at Heathrow airport eleven hours later, pass a newspaper stand- "L.A. Burns To Ground." And thought "Shit.... Did I leave a cigarette lit?"



Just heard that people have been using social media to INCITE violence and looting. Good god.

Apparently a female currys employee still in her uniform was arrested


this woman has got the right idea though:

warning some language in the following clip might offend.

That woman is terrific. Those poor police.
What the F**K is wrong with these people?! What are they going to gain by acting like complete fucking t**ts?! Why burn down innocent peoples homes and businesses and completely ruin their lives that they've worked hard to achieve when the people doing this probably haven't worked a day in their miserable f**king lives. Scumbags, the lot of them.

This is f***ing appalling!  No more word from my cousin either... 


P.S. That woman is awesome.

Ten years of Pop Idol, X Factor and Big Brother. It was never going to end well.
riots started in my home town, High Wycombe, cinema, tesco etc being destroyed.
Really?  Is that fact or rumour?



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