What a difference a few days make. A week ago people were wondering if Jack and Chester would actually appear in the Burton match. Now Bruce has been told by the new owners that he doesn't have to sell anybody. I have an idea the FFP thing was over-hyped.

Even better, He's now looking for another striker. With Kodjia the only centre-forward currently available, apart from players like Harvey Knibbs, we're desperately thin in that area. Unless McCormack comes back, which Bruce will never do.

Judging from pre-season, we have a load of good players ready to go. Only question is can Bruce find the formation to use them properly? One bright spark; De Laet looks a good player, could make quite a difference. And Green certainly can score goals.

Whatever, can we now look forwards to the new season with ambition and hope? Reckon so.

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To true McP - at least some of the doom & gloom has subsided !

My main concern still lies with Bruce who seems unable to stray from his outdated view of championship football - as I have said before we have a lot of very good players, he seems unable to instill confidence in me that he knows how to play them ?

I really hope that this season will bring an entertaining excitement to watch with the kids leading the way !!!

I am an optimist at heart - or maybe just a 'Dreamer'

Looking good, well I wouldn’t go that far simply because Bruce is still here. I would rather stay another year in the championship and get a modern manager with playing good football as a priority.

Bruce is at it again trying to sign on loan an 18 yo from Liverpool, does he know we have a youth team?

I know that Davies and Hogan are injured but not for ever. We have many other youngsters who deserve a chance, wasn’t it signing and not playing people that partly got us into this mess?

I wish the team and Bruce great success and promotion but if as I expect he doesn’t turn up then get rid.

He's survived two seasons where we didn't finish where we were aiming for. Think this'll be third time lucky or he'll go. I'm convinced we have a good enough squad.

I think Bruce could be out by Christmas if we are not near the golden zone.

As a Bruce fan, I like the guy but agree he has made crazy decisions, player choices. I would agree this will be his last season no matter what.

Looking forward rather than dreading the new season ahead.

What an incredible few weeks we have witnessed .

I've heard good things about this liverpool kid we are trying to loan but as JD mentioned, why can't he bring one if our own up to speed rather than make liverpool another star. We need to bring in another defensive player to partner Chester now he's staying, rather than helping the scousers.

Well brisbane you certainly make me chuckle at times !

You are a Bruce fan & even you agree he made some 'odd' decisions ?

What is it you like ? his past record at other clubs or his performances at VP ?

Like it or lump it - we are stuck with him for the forseeable future !

I really hope that our new co-owners have made the right decision & your Brucie changes a habit of a lifetime & uses some of the young talent he has available to him.

Chester confirmed as captain. So he's not going. Great!



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