It would appear that the powers that be have actually grown a pair....


Now if the clubs are making concessions (well, making players play sportingly shouldn't really be a concession) shouldn't the ball be back in the prem/FA's court for making referees wholly accountable for their actions during a game?


There is a lot of riding on the outcome of games, both in terms of careers (for everyone, down to the ground staff) to investment from fans, owners, sponsors and reputation of the club, its about time they recognised that this is why some of the decisions are hotly disputed and commented on after the game, recognise this fact, do something about it and I'm guessing that they'd have a lot less of the behaviour that they want to stop.

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I disagree 1 hundred trillion percent.


What about the rubbish referees? Scud has said nothing about them, they are the worst referees in the world, even worse than Uruguyuans.


They should count themselves lucky no one has dropped a Hayemaker on their ugly, useless cheating mugs (i'm looking at you Atkinson).


I certainly would. I wouldn't stand for it. Terrible officiating. If they actually officiated correctly there wouldn't be a problem!!!!

I like Atkinson does a grand job
As for cheating Howard twatty Webb.......
ummm, which bit do you disagree with?  the bit about the prem growing a pair and actually asking for fair play towards refs from the players/managers (making it consistent instead of just having a pop at fergie) or where I say that they now need to take the reason for barracking the ref away by making refs accountable for their actions?



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