It looks like Suarez, 24 this week, is on his way to Anfield.


Having agreed a fee with Ajax, it only leaves the personal terms which you'd suspect have already been agreed.


Suarez has an outstanding scoring record for Ajax but many have said it's hard to judge on goals in Holland.  To counter that he has a great international record as well with almost a goal every other game.


No stranger to the media spotlight, he's been highlighted this year for the handball against Ghana in the World Cup and for biting an opponent which earned him a hefty ban.


Regardless of this, Liverpool supporters will be excited to see such a dynamic attacking player sign for the club and will be hoping he forms a fearsome young strikeforce with Fernando Torres.


However, as this evening has grown old there's been a barrage of info coming from Twitter mainly suggesting that Fernando Torres has handed in a transfer request.  A day of ups and downs for Liverpool, if it's true.

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Am delighted, think he'll be a great player for us and this shows that FSG are showing intent about turning around the clubs fortunes because so far they've cleared the debt then brough in Kenny and now have spent money on one of europes hottest prospects. It will be interesting to see where Kenny plays him but I can see him playing in a three man attack on the right hand side and hopefully he can take some of the pressure off torres when it comes to scoring goals, I still think that Torres will be a liverpool player until the end of the season at least and hopefully they can form a good understanding together, chuck in gerrard and meireles and our other attacking options such as Kuyt, Maxi and Cole and we don't have a bad attcking outlet. Hopefully we can get a new left-back and a winger then things will really be looking good.

I wouldn't take any notice of Guillem Balague, his exclusives rarely happen.


He said were going to agree a deal for De Gea 'within 48 hours' 2 months ago.

LOL. I think he has a lot of contacts in Spain, question is, is what they want or is it what Torres may want?


I personally can't see Torres moving in January, let alone to another English club. From what we've seen of his character, it's not really his style. Anyway, from what we read, he was concerned at what he saw as lack of investment by G&H, so now that FSG are splashing the cash, he can't use that as an excuse. Will be interesting to see what happens over the next few days, but I'd hate to see him go.

I think he's a very good signing for Liverpool. It certainly shows a statement of intent from the owners. I'm fascinated to see where he'll play for Liverpool. Will he play off Torres or will he play out wide in a 3 man attack? It'll be interesting to see.


Liverpool have needed another quality striker to play with Torres for sometime now and on the day they actually sign a striker and a good one at that, there are rumours that Torres wants Liverpool to let him to go to Chelsea or at least he wants them to listen to their offer.


This may be another Rooney situation. In a week ot two there'll be news coming out of Anfield about a contract extension for Torres. You could just see it happening.

Exactly, a statement of intent. And that's what we've been waiting for form this new ownership group, so I remain positive.


I think Suarez operates best in a 4-3-3 and I think that would suit us given who we've got in our squad right now, but we'll have to see how it shakes down. Getting Suarez only to let Torres go would be awful, we're very short on forwards, so it's the last thing we'd need.

The Suarez deal seems to have caused a bit of a free for all between the United and Liverpool fans on 606.
To be honest I'm shocked about the Torres stuff.

Thought it was a Chelsea stunt.

It could well be a chelsea stunt to make out that they are still capable of making big money signings when actually Abramovich has actually cut them loose financially.

Sir Robert, that's exactly what I thought but it's all over Twitter with Tony Barret of the Times (Liverpool supporter) saying 'For all those saying Torres story is wrong, no one would be happier than me if it was. But it's not.'


Then again a rumour went about that Mandela was dead last week.

The fact that the barrage of info comes from Twitter just shows what a load of rubbish it is. 

Torres isn't on Twitter.

That says it all really.

Liverpool have rejected Torres' transfer request.


From Sky Sports News.

I'm not going to believe anything until something is on the website until then I can only hope he stays but to be honest I would be surprised if fernando went to chelsea for numerous reasons:


1. He is idolised and adored by the fans who constantly chant his name, he wouldn't get that at chelsea instead a few thousand blue plastic flags waving around and a bit of atmosphere now and again when chelsea are attacking.


2. Chelsea have an ageing squad and it looks like that they won't be buying anyone in january now that the Luiz deal fell through.


3. Chelsea it looks won't be winning anything this season, currently 10 points off the pace I think in the league and I don't think they'll win the champions league.


4. Stated that he would be staying at the club not so long ago, I think it was January 9th when he said this.


5. The fact that things are looking up now, new owners and management not to mention an exciting signing who could be a good foil for him why choose to want to leave now halfway through the season.


Some may feel these points are irrelavant but to me they seem reasonable arguments but this day and age you just never know what surprises await round the corner and do you know who I feel sorry for in  this: Suarez. This guy has just become our record signing and what should be a big day in his career will no doubt be overshadowed with all of this gossip about Torres.


And just as I have written this Torres has handed in a written transfer request it's all over BBC sport, Sky Sports and the liverpool website but it has been turned down with Liverpool saying that he should honour his contract.



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