Luis Suarez has apologised for any offence his comments towards Patrice Evra may have caused. In a story that will be in tomorrow's newspapers, the Uruguayan said:

"I admitted I said a word in Spanish once & only once. I told the panel I would not use it again on a football pitch in England. I never, ever, used this word in a derogatory way and if it offends anyone I want to apologise."

Granted, it's not an unreserved apology and will draw criticism as well as praise, but it's better he's done this than not and for that he deserves credit.

Hopefully this will be a chance for everyone involved to move on.

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I think this should draw a line under the issue but I suspect it won't, I think this story will go on and on.

I'm inclined to agree!

It all seems a bit obvious - he says in the report he's not going to say it again. And, logically, if he said it in the way that he would say it, then he wouldn't have meant it in any offensive way. Therefore, he has to apologise if he finds out that he lives in a culture that doesn't accept aspects of his linguistic style.

The interesting point is the timing: did the LFC legal team stop him from making such a comment before the hearing in case it undermined any defence that they had?

Also, as an aside, the Daily Mail's headline is nothing short of a joke - he apologises to anyone it offended, but not Evra, who it clearly offended?

Erm... He apologised to everyone except the person he actually racially abused.... and where's Dalglish's apology for he disparaging comments about Evra too.

Untill he apologises directly to Evra and admits he's done wrong this matter will run and run.

This 'apology' is just an attempt to get the media off his back in the short term. Can he honestly believe we are going to buy this after his personal statement and LFC's statement once they'd decided they weren't going to appeal?

Its Liverpools stance that the only reason they won't appeal is so not to damage the "kick racism out of football" campaign... what a stupid thing to say, if Suarez is innocent how would it damage the campaign? Suarez has admitted using the word "once, and only once"... and yet has spoken about the "Blackie, Blackie, Blackie" comment... so which is it Suarez? How many more times do you want to change your story? 

Don't apologise to the world for your stupidity, the person to say sorry to is Evra, for kicking him, for racially abusing him and for then questioning his integrity... thats 3 you owe him.... whilst your making the journey Kenny has a couple of his own to make to Evra to... but don't worry on you're way back from Manchester you could always take in the WestLife reunion tour...

Fergie must be loving all this, United lose 3 nil and the back page is still covered in Liverpool scandal...

Interesting story by the Daily Mail - link

Jeez, the general guy's a bit crazy aint he.

Suarz called the whiter than white Evra, negro, whilst having a conversation in Spanish.

So he called him black, which he is.

The guy obviously have a deep rooted obsessive hatred of Liverpool.

Common Manc illness.

This whole thing has spiralled out of all proportion, giving licence to all sorts of bitter, twisted and self serving numpties to pour out their bile and bitterness to an extent that makes them far more abusive than anything Suarez said.

The General should be demoted to Major.

Major Numptie.

 Think you need to take a chill pill pal.

Suarez said a racial word and deserves to be punished.  I just thought it was amusing that in Evra's statement he wouldn't say the 'N' word and insisted he never would.  That video seems to suggest otherwise!

Oh sorry, my mistake, I thought people were classed as adults once they turned 18.  22 years old must be some sort of exception year then?

Not saying he used it now but clearly he as in the past, surely he knew this video existed?  It is not exactly something that gets swept under the carpet is it?

And my "gripe" isn't at Evra, it is at the FA.

"I doubt the first part of that statement"

Why?  Because I am a Liverpool fan?  I don't like him because he is a Man Utd player but I don't have a issue with Evra.  I often say that I am willing to put bias to one side.  No player should be racially abused and Suarez deserves to get his punishment (not eight games considering other punishments though).  But I think it is amusely that a statement that Evra made is quite clearly a lie.  No argument about it, its a lie!

Should it mean Suarez doesn't get punished?  Certainly not.  You need to realise that it is not all about Suarez's ban.  People are allowed to have a laugh!



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