Luka Modric has fled the UK and gone back to Croatia as he continues his 'strike'

Luka Modric didn't go on Tottenham's pre-season tour yesterday which wasn't a great surprise given his refusal to train with the London club last week. Now it appears he's fled the country and returned to his native Croatia which is another kick in the teeth to any chances Spurs had of retaining his services.

There's seems to be little concern for how this is harming his standing with Tottenham fans and he's apparently not in the least bit bothered about any obligations he has to the club which really helped him get known on the world stage. 

He's the main story again in Spain with AS saying he's holed up in Croatia, without Tottenham's permission or knowledge, waiting with his family and agents for developments in his move. If there were any Spurs fans still defending him then surely this has to be the last development they can take. 

AS say they spoke to Van der Vaart at the airport yesterday who couldn't believe what they were saying and immediately called the mobile number he had for Modric - which went to a Croatian mobile network messaging service - confirming his whereabouts. 

AS go on to say that Real Madrid will not budge in their valuation for the player and this leaves the two clubs at a very awkward stalemate. Marca, Madrid's mouthpiece, have an interesting line and say that the La Liga champions are trying to persuade Tottenham Hotspur to reduce the price because they sold them Rafael van der Vaart at a knock-down fee.

What Daniel Levy will think of that, after he stops laughing, is quite another thing. He may feel slightly pushed into a corner but Real Madrid were desperate to sell the Dutchman and if anything Spurs did them a favour by taking him. Marca also say that when the Premier League club got Adebayor on loan, Real Madrid pulled out of the running in some bizarre gesture of goodwill, this is real clutching at straws stuff. 

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Fine him daily, then place an embargo on his playing anywhere until he is either paid out or comes back like the sniveling little rat face he is?

Hahaha. what a load of bollocks.

So why is Modric pictured on the plane to USA on Van der Vaart's twitter?

I guess this article is not about telling the truth, but to get hits to please the affiliates.

Well, you got me!

Van der Vaart hasn't tweeted anything since July 19th, which was Thursday. 

Someone beat me to it but I'll have my say. I follow Van Der Vaart and he hasn't tweeted any photos of Modric on planes! You might be following a fake account or are you wielding a wooden spoon?



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