Luka Modric transfer set to be announced on Monday as Spanish press get confused

Yesterday Marca claimed that Luka Modric was about to board a private jet and could be at Real Madrid within hours. It didn't happen and no doubt they'll point to the caveat they included about Tottenham slowing the deal because they want a replacement in place first, something which they've had some time to sort out.

AS say today that Modric was due to report to Tottenham yesterday afternoon like other players who had been on international duty but he didn't, despite using a private jet, which Marca thought was going to Madrid, to fly to London.

In yet another 'It will be confirmed on...' claim, AS say that Monday is now the day because Daniel Levy is determined to bring in a value replacement before it's publicised that he's sold the Croatian midfielder for 30m plus 5m in variable bonus payments. 

The Spanish and English press have said there's been disagreement between Levy and Villas Boas on targeting players to replace Luka Modric. Villas Boas wanted to spend the whole amount on Joao Moutinho, who he's worked with before at Porto, but Levy wants a player at a lower fee and has presented alternatives.

The Premier League starts this weekend and Villas Boas will be more than a little frustrated the situation has not been resolved but in all his quotes has been respectful that the negotiations must go on so Tottenham can get every penny available.

However, they could have settled for a few million less a couple of months ago and have already had Modric's replacement integrated into the squad. 

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you've been wrong so many times with this one, I suppose you will eventually get to guess right once ........

Tommy, you seem to be getting confused here, let us help. Read the headline, it mocks the Spanish press for getting it wrong and the article goes on to do the same.

We bring the news from Spain and sometimes give our opinion on it, as we have here. A lot of what they report in Spain jumps the gun but a lot of the time they are right and report things days before their British counterparts.

I seem to remember you getting very upset when we suggested Modric could go for no more than £30m because of what was being said in the Spanish press, that now appears to be the reality.



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