Hutton Clark Richards Amavi

Sanchez Gueye

Sinclair Veretout Gil


Great! That's the sort of team we should be looking at. Even if it doesn't work today it's the sort of thing we need to be trying.

Bench: Bunn, Lescott, Richardson, N'Zogbia, Bacuna, Grealish, Gestede,

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That is a good team to select .

The first team selected by our new manager shows his intent of how he intends to get his team playing football really pleased to see Gil and Veretout both starting let's hope they now get the game time they need to develop there creative skill's that they both have .

Should be a interesting game with this line up lets hope we can get something out of this .



HT 0-0. So, failed to concede in the first and final 3 minutes of the half. Makes a change!

So far so good. Expect City to step up a gear in the second half. But this is definitely more like it!!!

FT: 0-0. Yipee!!!!! Best 0-0 draw I can remember. What a difference! Well done Remi! Team selection spot on. Tactics spot on. Changes spot on. UTV

Couldn't agree more. Very happy with that.
That was as good as a win. Point is great, clean sheet against City brilliant, but the confidence it should bring to the team is priceless.

Great team selection and tactics spot on - well done to Remi and the team.
Wow what a difference, we actually played football and got a point and a clean sheet.

Even Hutton played well.

Well done Remi

We shouldn't get carried away. City should have won by three or four goals, BUT:

The team selection was exactly as it should have been. It has been obvious that the likes of Amavi, Clark, Gil, Ayew and Gana should be playing and that Richardson, Lescott, Westwood and Gabby are no more than Championship players at best and Grealish definitely needed to be dropped. We were more committed and more organised than we have been for a long time and we seemed to utilise substitutions at the right time. Gil was starting to fade, Ayew was knackered after a very physical battle up front and Sinclair had also worked very hard. N'Zogbia fleetingly looked the threat that he can be too. The back four defended valiantly and Guzan pulled off a couple of brave saves. The atmosphere returned to Villa Park and it was great that the only boos today were directed rightly at Fabian Delph,

Yes, we rode our luck but we deserved to. If we look at Leicester or Palace, their successes are down to organisation, spirit and hard work. The difference with those teams is that they are also running on confidence and momentum. A couple of wins breeds confidence and momentum and Leicester, in particular have that in spades. They have some good players but their squad is NOT better than ours.

So we have picked up a precious, precious, precious point today. We remain in dire trouble and it should still be remembered that no team which has started as badly as we have has ever stopped up. But we have hope. Today has given us that. If we do have a manager that will play our best players and find a way to do so, we will still be ok.

One thing though. Where is Adama Traore?

Fantastic result well done Remi and the player's .

The most impressive part of that game was our defence at last they played a game as a unit and not as individual's this should do the player's confidence a world of good and I do hope Delph is now aware that his action's in the summer window have still not been forgotten or forgiven.



Yep, the defence was the right players and the right approach. They covered for each other, and when they do that individual mistakes count less. And Sanchez sitting just in front of them was spot on.

Luck was on our side. If it hadn't been, Snake would have scored.



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