Anyone watching this?


#MCFC: Hart; Richards Kompany Lescott Clichy; De Jong Barry; Johnson Y Toure Silva; Dzeko.


#SCFC: Vorm; Rangel, Williams, Caulker, Tate; Britton, Agustien, Dobbie; Dyer, Graham, Sinclair.


City should win this comfortably but Swansea are bound to give it a go and no home team has won in the Premier League yet so who knows.



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Richards - Kompany - Lescott - Clichy

De Jong - Barry

Johnson - Toure - Silva






Dyer - Dobbie - Sinclair

Britton - Anglieri

Tate - Caulker - Williams - Rangel


We'll just have to trust Gary Neville on that one. 4-5-1 he says with Graham up front, Dyer and Sinclair out wide. Maybe more of 4-2-3-1 with Dobbie in behind Graham.


I saw Graham a couple of times with Watford last season and he looked like a decent striker. Big step up for him, and most of his teammates, tonight.


Have to support Swansea tonight, their manager used to live a few miles down the road from me and they've got a player called Angel Rangel.

Just to complete your formation - I'm pretty it's:


           Britton - Anglieri

Tate - Caulker - Williams - Rangel



The sky blue and white shirts are a little close

No idea, ask ToS
Haha don't know where I got Anglieri from. The guy's called Agustien.

Maybe you were thinking of Angeleri who plays for Sunderland.

I'll watch the 2nd half after our reserve game has finished.


Maybe I'll get a few points tonight in the fantasy league. I've got Richards, Kompany and Silva in my team. Of course I won't be too upset if they don't get a lot of points.


Come on Swansea!

It's kicked off and my feed is still showing a golfing advert 
Swansea are looking lively enough. Not sure if they'll keep the pressure they're showing up for 90 minutes though.
Got fed up with the sky sports feed and go to five live



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