Greetings brothers and sisters,

A hearty welcome to the new converts to the religion and salutations to old members who have been here through thick and thin.

New brethren, you are welcome. We are happy to have you with us.
We know that with every new set of members we are bound to have some glory hunters. But we believe that in time, you shall come to love MUFC with your whole heart. We do not care about where you live or where you are from. All we ask is that you support the team through thick and thin,watch our games and if you are in england,try and see them at old trafford or away. Celebrate with us and cry with us.That is all that is required from you.

As you begin this journey, some words of advice to guide you along your way.

1. Be wary of the men called the gunners from north london, especially their leader who never sees the despicable acts perpetrated by his players.They deceive people with their delusions of grandeur but never manage to achieve their purported goals. They also managed to come 4th in a 2 horse race and still think they are better than everyone. A truly sad delusion.

2. Be wary of the people from the red part of the river mersey.They will deceive you with hopes for every season.But by december all their hopes will be dashed and they will promise that by the next season they will achieve much more.Also be wary of some of their fans,they are bitter and filled with hate for you and will accuse you of not living in manchester or are a glory hunter.Meanwhile they forget that a majority of their fans also do not live in liverpool and were glory hunters when their club won accolades in the distant past. King Kenny has returned and they believe next year could once again be their year. We await their December collapse.

3.Be wary of the chavs from london,who have an owner from Moscow,who dress in blue and have a captain, who spits on people at the drop of a hat.They seek salvation and have tried to use money to achieve this and failed woefully. They spent over £75 million to win the league and champions league and failed woefully. Our Bebe has a better strike record than their Torres at their current clubs. They have delusions of grandeur similar to the north london gunners but the gunners have history to back their delusions up unlike the chavs.

4.Be respectful to all other teams in the premiership, but if they attack you,kindly refer them to your trophy cabinet and they will flee from you.

5.Be nice to our brothers from the blue part of manchester,they tell people tales about most of our fans not being from manchester but we know better. Be nice to them for they have been through a lot.

6.Remember it is Man United or United not Man U.The Man U term is part of an evil chant that was made by our enemies to taunt our fallen heroes at the munich disaster.

7.Spare a thought for leeds united,just a thought,nothing else.

Finally in all things be humble and remember that success is not a birthright. It comes through hardwork and cannot be bought,as you have seen with the chavs.You are welcome to our faith.We cannot promise you success all the time but we promise you entertaining football, a rich history and brothers and sisters all over the world who commune with you whenever Man United FC play.

Once again brothers and sisters,welcome to Manchester United Football Club, THE RELIGION.


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It's disappointing that there are few posters and comments but with every new forum, you've got to give it time to grow.


I think it will be busier when the footie season starts again. We could also do with some good wums. That should spice it up a bit.


Thanks for you kind words though.



May the lord bless all reds here and also the brother who gave us the good book.Let it be noted that our zealots worship the word of the lord(the beloved alex ferguson) and treat all criticism of his works as coming from THE BOOK OF NADS.Beware those among you who read from the book of nads for they are unclean and undeserving of your tolerance.Let us go forth in the coming season with skill,flair,passion and success for we are all truly THE CHILDREN OF THE LORD!
Brilliant.  Red_Indian, do me a favour, if you don't like the place then sod off.  Your constant whining is boring. Cheers.
And also - an oldie but still makes me smile
Love it.

Brethren, please join me in prayer.


"Our Fergie, who art from Govan, Hallowed be thy reign, thy day has come!

Number 19 has been done, in spite of the FA. You gave us this title, like our daily 3 points!

And forgive the FA as we forgive the ABU’s. Lead us to number 20, but deliver us from Barca.

For United is the Kingdom, The Power and The Glory, Forever and Ever."


It is very good, sometimes it's worth putting the work in and this was one of those occasions.


If you'd have posted this on 606 someone would have accused you of having too much time on your hands.

Thanks, I try to post sensible stuff.


606 was terminal and would have imploded eventually. Too many wums and the like.



Couldn't agree more devil - quality over quantity every time and hopefully goodbye to the rush of postings at school hometime. Mind one or two good wums on 606 did raise a smile but I gave up opening posts from the usual suspects.

It goes quiet when their doing exams too.You know when their learning to get a paid job to be a TWAT!
Very true, I honestly believe 90% of the arsenal fans on 606 were in the same secondary school



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