Man United have agreement in principle to sign star, player reserved

Benfica are planning to renew the contracts of a few players from their squad, raising both the salaries and the release clauses. One of the names on the list is Renato Sanches.

But, according to Portuguese newspaper A Bola, the 18-year-old's extension is very unlikely to happen. The player, according to them, has some kind of 'reservation' from Manchester United. A Bola say his future should be at Manchester United, and whilst a deal isn't signed there is a 'reservation from the Red Devils'

If the Manchester United deal doesn't go through, the newspaper says Jorge Mendes will probably put the midfielder at some other European giant. He's reportedly wanted by Barcelona performed well against Bayern Munich in the Champions League, and can leave Benfica for a deal worth a total of €60m, short of his €80m buyout clause.

The links with Manchester United have been dragging on for months. These A Bola claims aren't a great deal different from what has been said previously. The gist of it all is that Sanches is Manchester United's if they want to go through with the deal, even though the precise terms aren't agreed.

The dreaded, or maybe welcome, transfer phrase of 'agreed in principle' would apply here, but that would need to change to something rather more concrete for this not to be another annoying Portuguese saga. The idea of an outline deal being agreed, something else which has been claimed in Portugal, is all very well... but the details are obviously quite important. 

Lucas Sposito.

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