Man United midfielder explains how his brother nearly made Mourinho change his pre-game tactics

Now that José Mourinho is Manchester United manager, there are going to be a few questions asked of him, especially when it comes to which players from the current first-team leave and stay.

One of the big question marks surrounding the team has been Marouane Fellaini, bought from Everton by David Moyes back in 2013, and Mourinho has a decision to make.

Definitely capable of being a plan B for the club, there are doubts as to whether lumping the ball towards him is a viable way of impacting a game, yet Louis Van Gaal seemed determined for it to work.

There definitely is a respect towards Marouane Fellaini from José Mourinho, as demonstrated during a game during the 2014-15 season when the Portuguese manager specifically ordered Kurt Zouma to man mark the Belgian midfielder to cancel him out of the game (it worked).

However, things were very nearly different that game as a steward nearly messed up the Special One’s gameplan by confusing Fellaini with his brother, Mansour.

Speaking to DH, the midfielder explained: “Me and Mansour look very much alike, and José Mourinho, my new manager at United nearly made a mistake because of it. It was before a Chelsea-United. 

“Hazard had left a few spots at Stamford Bridge for my family. My brother had gone to get them. When he saw him, the doorman thought it was me and told Mourinho straight away that I was injured for the game. He realised it wasn’t me just in time. Sadly for me, he chucked Zouma on me for the whole game. It wasn’t easy.”

Maybe this is a tactic Mourinho could take advantage of in the future? After all, the Portuguese manager is known for his sneaky antics.

Laundry basket, anyone?

Tom Coast.

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