Man United's De Gea given zero marks in Spain after defeat to Georgia

The Spanish media are very unhappy with Georgia. Invited to Getafe to be Spain's pre Euro 2016 lambs to the slaughter, Georgia simply weren't having any of it.

Determined to get a result, Georgia put everyone behind the ball and made it difficult for Spain. They made it so difficult for Spain that Georgia ended up winning 0-1. 

It was surely a good test for Spain, who need to work out how they can break down such a system without giving a goal away in the process. Whilst a 6-0 thrashing may have sent Spain off to France with confidence to retain the trophy, gaps in the planning are best found out beforehand.

However, the general feeling in the Spanish media seems to be that the result was Georgia's fault and it was simply an unlucky situation. There is of course some criticism of Spain, but that's not the overriding fslant. 

Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea was given a zero mark by both Marca and AS, not because he had the worst game of his life - but so the newspapers can illustrate how little he had to do. Mundo Deportivo had one word to describe De Gea's performance: Spectator. 

Yet De Gea was very much involved in the most important event of the match, Georgia's goal. He may feel he should have stopped the ball going across his goal, and he'd probably be right.

Georgia executed their plan perfectly, and Spain need to work out how to play when things aren't going their way and teams aren't opening up and allowing their best players to march through.

And De Gea, arguably the greatest goalkeeper on the planet, will probably want to stay on his toes when not involved so much. 

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