Banning fans from football grounds seems to be the done thing at the moment. Standing, taking the wrong banners, foul language, throwing fruit, all things that have had supporters in trouble this season. A lot of the time it's the fault of the fan and they've deserved much of what they've got from the club, other times it seems to be a PR exercise by the club and on occasion it's just silly.

This from Manchester City falls into the 'silly' bracket. They have banned a fan for smoking an electronic cigarette. Rather than congratulate him on his attempt to give up smoking, Manchester City have suspended his season ticket until he gives them an explanation, like a good little boy.

Have a look for yourself:

We appreciate there may be two sides to this story but the tone of the letter from Manchester City seems incredibly arrogant. Is smoking an electronic cigarette such a big deal that it requires a ban? It seems so.

It's a shame because Manchester City's efforts to improve 'fan engagement' have been going from strength to strength, Peter Fletcher - or whoever typed away on his behalf - perhaps needs to relax a little. 

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