Manchester City's Txiki caught in Spain closing winger deal, then goes to Barca for more?

Soon enough we'll have typed Txiki Begiristain often enough without having to check it's correct repeatedly, because he's being brought into more and more transfers stories as he seemingly takes charge of Manchester City's spending this summer.

With the pesky Italian of Roberto Mancini out of the way, Txiki Begiristain is able to put his Barcelona style plan into action and it appears clear it will be him and his team picking out new players rather than any incoming coach.

It's a longer term view from Manchester City and and the idea is that the club develop a philosophy which works regardless of which head coach they have at the time. The club don't want everything to change with each managerial swap. Chelsea had been trying to implement something similar but the return of power greedy Jose Mourinho could put something of an end to that.

Back to Txiki Begiristain, he was photographed (that's him sat alone) at Seville's San Pablo airport on Friday. On Thursday, along with his sidekick Ferran Soriano, he'd been at Sevilla football club to thrash out a deal for Jesus Navas. Diario de Sevilla say that the Manchester City men had wanted to get the deal sorted out face to face after starting negotiations from Manchester. The newspaper go as far as claiming the men went there to 'close the deal', they reckon Manchester City will pay a whopping 30m for the 27 year old Spain international. That sounds a lot but it's 5m less than his current buy-out clause.

The newspaper also claim that Denis Suarez, a promising youngster at Manchester City, could be included in the transfer.

When Txiki Begiristain returned to the airport, and was photographed by what appears to be an enterprising journalist, he wasn't returning to Manchester, or back to England via the flight hub of Madrid. He was getting a flight to Barcelona, and given that he's chasing transfers constantly at the moment, that must bring more intrigue for Manchester City fans. 

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Quote: "The newspaper also claim that Denis Suarez, a promising youngster at Manchestyer City, could be included in the transfer."

Congrats on getting Trixie's name right, shame about the Manchestyer though :-)

There's no chance of Dennis Suarez going anywhere permanently, although a loan to a suitable club, UK or Spanish is a possibility. He is highly rated, just the kind of player that the Barca twins, Trixie and Dixie, want to see at the club at every level.


You're clearly going mad, that's all done correctly ;)

I suppose it depends how much they want Navas, but the bid sounds high enough without Suarez, could be a loan arranged. 



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