Manchester United send delegation for 21 and 23 year old Brazilians, transfers likely

Manchester United's scouting is increasing as the summer transfer window approaches, or at least the reporting of it is - there's an awful lot to be said about the idea of Manchester United interest upping the value of a player and subsequently bringing in further interest. The Premier League club have over the past week had representatives in Portugal and Belgium and also a delegation in Brazil.

Manchester United are continually linked with youngsters in South America and it's very rare that something actually comes of reports, working in the same way for other British clubs such as Arsenal. Chelsea are linked too but seem to go through with more transfers and are currently trying to close a deal for Brazilian youngster Nathan.

Claims from Brazil and report JB Filho state that a Manchester United delegation were at an Internacional game last week against Cruzeiro to watch both Eduardo Sasha and Rodrigo Dourado, the club's representative being sent to Porto Alegre to watch a match against Cruzeiro.

Both players had a good game although there's no claim of a concrete bid yet. Sasha is 23 years old and has the all important European passport meaning there's no need for work permit headaches. Duarado is 21 years of age. Given the interest of Manchester United, transfer are probably on the horizon for both. 

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