Manchester United captain buys flat for father of friend who passed away

Bad news about footballers travels fast and good news takes just a little longer to make it to the top of the agenda. We were sent a link to a Serbian newspaper by Montenegran football fan Uros Popovic and it details a nice story about Manchester United captain Nemanja Vidic and the way he continues to keep an eye out for the father of an old team mate.

Vladimir Dimitrijevic was with Vidic at Red Star Belgrade and the two became best friends, but Vladimir died after suffering a heart attack on the training pitch at the age of just 20. Vidic told The Daily Mail a few years ago 'It will stay with me forever. We were inseparable. We shared the same dreams and wanted to be successful together. We both came from Uzice and we both moved to Red Star.

'He would have been very proud of what I have achieved since, and I would have been just as proud of him if he had achieved the same. And he would have done. Vladimir was so talented. He would have been a great player. But now he is gone and I want to preserve his memory for ever.'

Nemanja Vidic said he wouldn't forget his old friend and certainly hasn't. Serbian newspaper Hoboctn ran a story this week detailing how the big defender has helped out Vladimir Dimitrijevic's father who had been experiencing financial problems.

Vidic told him to open a bank account and when Dimitrijevic checked how much was in it, he saw 126,000 and contacted the Manchester United to thank him and was advised to spend it on an apartment and told that if he had money worries in the future to get back in touch.

A nice heart warming story amidst the usual news of cars being smashed up and nightclubs being emptied of ridiculously expensive champagne. 

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