Manchester United are conducting an experimental move of the away section at Old Trafford and swapping travelling supporters with those in the third tier of the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, formerly called the North Stand.

The experiment will take place for the Aston Villa game in April and some season ticket holders, who will be moved for the match, have had letters sent out explaining the situation to them.

Whilst you'll always get people grumbling at any sort of ticket move, one man seems to have been really riled by the situation. Darron Abbott is a 46 year old (Cough cough, look at his pic on the MEN article) from Lincolnshire and voiced his fury to the Manchester Evening News.

"I have told them that I am going to sue them for breach of contract. Nowhere in the season ticket terms and conditions does it say they have the right to move us for anything other than cup games. They are just a bunch of amateurs. It’s like the song: they’re Man United, they’ll do what they want."

Mr Abbott is a Manchester United supporter just in case that quote suggests otherwise. His stance seems quite harsh considering it's just an experiment aimed at finding the best use of seats within the stadium. All supporters who have been moved are being moved together and to seats with a better view that cost more.

The third tier where Mr Abbott sits is often referred to by fans as 'sitting in the Gods' as it's so high and far away from the action. The Lincolnshire man does nothing for United fans in Manchester frustrated that rivals think their supporters are all from far away when he says "I spoke to one of my pals who sits next to me from the Wolverhampton supporters club and he’s had a word with the Swansea lads, so it is going to spread."

Mr Abbott, who claimed he's 46, said he started supporting Manchester United in 1968 when his dad took him to see the team parade the 1968 European trophy. He doesn't mention that, going off his calculations, he'll have been age one or two at the time. Mmmm, someone is telling porkies. 

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How does MEN get such silly stories?

Are people paid to give such 'interviews'

Let him sit in his seat surrounded by away fans if he doesn't want to be moved.


Whilst this guy is clearly an absolute muppet for proposing to sue his own club (?!?) I can see a more long term complaint that I feel would be justified. If it is suggested that the change becomes permanent and that he is given a new seat for his season ticket, am I wrong in thinking that in order to remain a season ticket holder he would then be forced to pay a higher price? For some people that just isn't an option and I think it would be a sad thing if a fan is forced out of watching his club live because of an enforced price rise unique to those moved alone. Newcastle did a similar thing recently and whilst some fans did reap such rewards as better seats/a better view, this came at a price, one which as I alluded to, some fans are not able to pay.

Let him sit in his seat surrounded by away fans if he doesn't want to be moved.



Haha, great idea. Problem solved.

BTW that guy could easily be 46 imo judging from his photo but it is a stretch for him to claim that he started supporting the club before he learned to speak!



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