Manchester United interested in Vidal and Juventus won't stand in his way

This is a new link to us, Manchester United are in the race for Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal. The metaphorical race apparently includes Real Madrid and Manchester City but we've not heard much about it before. 

The rumour is being reported in Italy, it's the top story on Tuttosport which is the football newspaper for the Turin region, they specialise in Juventus stuff. We've traced it back to beginning in Germany with a website called 4-4-2.

They claim that Juventus are angling for a price as high as 50m although they must be aware that they wouldn't get close to that. Tuttosport say that Juventus wouldn't stand in the player's way if a good offer came  in for him, they're quite well stocked with midfielders and could use the funds for their pro-longed search for a top class striker which went a bit haywire during the last transfer window.

The 25 year old Chile international joined Juventus last year from Bayer Leverkusen. He spent 4 years in Germany and that could explain why a German website had the story on him, that's if you were giving the source the benefit of the doubt.

Being a central midfielder, his signing would no doubt be welcomed by Manchester Untied fans, Vidal has impressed at Juventus which is probably why he's being thrown into the transfer mix with such a huge sum attached to him. it could be that Juventus are testing the water for interest. 

However, we'd lean on the side of this story being a big pile of nothing. 

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WTF isgoing on?

How can we even entertain the idea of selling Vidal?



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