Manchester United pick out best of Indian youth to train in England with the club

Football is increasingly a global sport and as the biggest teams add fans in countries like India and China more and more children will grow up with the dream of playing for clubs like Manchester United. As the number of those with that dream grows then so does the likelihood of youngsters making it. Improving facilities has a part to play in making the most of talent but we often hear stories of youngsters from poor areas of Africa, who didn't have the luxury of professional training, being spotted by scouts from European teams.

As more and more children start playing in India and China then it's inevitable that we'll see stars of the game from those countries soon and Manchester United are playing a part and trying to bring over two talented boys from India to train with the club. India alone has a population of 1.2bn and the country can only grow on the international football ladder with so many potential stars. 

The India Express say the Premier League club picked the two youngsters after national trials and now it's only work permits which could get in the way of Rahul M and Jijo F flying to Manchester and joining up with the club.

It's important to point out that the two haven't been offered places in the youth system but rather invited to come over to Manchester United and see how things go from there, but it's a good step in the right direction and as many of their countrymen will follow the progress of the youngsters it also helps raise the profile of football and the impression that young Indians have a chance of making it too.

Hopefully they get the work permits and we see them in sunny Manchester soon. 


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