Manchester United sent rep to Italy for Arturo Vidal on Sunday

Manchester United transfer news hasn't been halted by David Moyes saying he doesn't think the club will be signing anyone during the January transfer window. The team clearly need improvements and David Moyes has spoken of an urgency in getting those, but he's obviously apprehensive of building up hope only to have to dash that.

The club have money to spend, if cash in the bank means anything, and there have been reported failed attempts to sign many big name players. Whilst it's got to an embarrassing level, with Manchester United repeatedly snubbed, it does give fans some confidence that there is a transfer kitty available. 

Panic buying in January is even more difficult than panic buying during the summer and with the whole football world knowing how desperate the Manchester United situation is becoming, no words from Moyes are going to kid clubs he may look to buy from. Added to the Manchester United premium is now a 'doom' premium and any club approached by Edrward Woodward will no doubt think they're in a strong position to negotiate. Some clubs can rebuild quietly, but not Manchester United this time.

Take Juventus, they've had their years of misery and are resoundingly on the up. A brilliant team has been assembled, with the only player costing more than Marouane Fellaini being Gianluigi Buffon... signed in 2001. 

Paul Pogba was acquired for minimal compensation, Fernando Llorente and Andrea Pirlo were free, Carlos Tevez cost about £10m and Arturo Vidal was roughly the same when signed from Bayer Leverkusen in 2011. It's the latter who Manchester United are linked with in Italy today. Tuttosport, local to Juventus, say that Manchester United sent a representative to watch a player they dub King Arturo against Roma on Sunday evening. 

They won't have been disappointed but, unless they're prepared to spend a huge amount, Manchester United have as much chance of signing the player's namesake, King Arthur. 

Tuttosport say that Vidal is one of a kind and very happy at Juventus, he's eager to win with the club both in Italy and Europe and that's why he signed a new contract at the end of last year.     

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