Just thought I'd make an article (or blog post) about today's game seeing as I haven't seen one on this board yet.


What are your line up and score predictions? I'll go for:






Very tough line up to predict as it is a cup game.

3-1 United - Owen, Hernandez, Anderson

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EDIT: turns out this is called a discussion  NOT a blog post, earlier I accidently posted this on my own page thinking I was making an article!


I'm such a noob at this!

Sir Alex has picked a very strong bench with the likes of Berbatov, Rooney, Nani and Giggs able to come on if things aren't going so well.


Kuszczak, Brown and Bebe also on the bench.


Southampton look to have gone with a very attacking line up so this should hopefully be a very open match.

All the best to Anders Lindegaard for the game.


Hopefully all goes well for him and he doesn't make any mistakes on his first appearance.

It's Lindegaard in goal.  Shades, I'm such a noob at this new forum that I've become a tortoise.
Well my team was close, apart from Scholes an Kuzxcak!
Didn't we lose to West Ham with pretty much the same defence? It'll be interesting to watch. Evans had a good game against Liverpool, so hopefully he'll continue that form.

Hopefully the defence has learned from the West Ham game. Jonny Evans looked much improved against Liverpool and as V1pur said lets hope he continues to play as well as he did then.


Smalling didn't look the most comfortable at Blackpool on Tuesday. His heading of the ball had me looking away at times.


So glad I'm able to watch this on ITV HD today. For some reason Northern Ireland aren't supposed to get it though I had it since near enough the start of last season and for some reason a couple of months ago it just went off.


Anyway I've found a way to get it back again. :)

So many puns for this game.  Saints plan hostile atmosphere for the Devils.


Devils overcome Saints to reach next round.


etc etc

two out of three of the goalscorers right and 9/11 in the team selection. I'll take that ;)


Good win.

Hernandez praises the Lord and I praise Hernandez for saving me the automatic cost of tickets for the replay!

£90 fot two to watch Southampton is a bit steep.

I don't think there should be many concerns about the performance, it's an away FA cup tie to an underdog. Always a nightmare.

Why do we keep playing this 4-3-3 formation? It didn't work on Tuesday and it didn't work tonight against League One Southampton. Actually it looked more like a 4-3-1-2 or a 4-1-2-1-2.


The biggest problem we had especially in the first half was the lack of width. Fabio seemed to be the only one willing to push forward in the wide area and he didn't come back out in the second half. I wonder why?


Something else that I found really strange was Michael Owen playing near enough as an attacking midfield player. What was that all about? Why didn't Obertan play just in behind off Hernandez and Owen? I didn't understand that one.


It's taken us to switch back to a 4-4-2 to win the game. How many times are we going to have to do this away from home? When Giggs and Nani came on we looked much better because we went back to our more natural formation and looked a real threat from the wide areas. I see Giggs as more of an impact sub now to be unleashed when teams become tired. It's worked to great effect in the last two games and I think it's something the manager should think about.


I'm just relieved to have got through that one to be honest and I look forward to the draw tomorrow.


Anyone fancy a home tie against Arsenal or City in the 5th round, if they get through of course? ;)

If it's a big team then I'd like us at home, if not then away!


I hope he stops with the lack of width.  For as long as I can remember, United have had their threat down the wings.


I don't want that to stop.



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