Marca reckon Bale isn't playing because he's told Tottenham he wants to leave

Marca are quite pleased with themselves today. You could almost describe it as 'Mission Accomplished', they list the newspapers which picked up their Gareth Bale story yesterday with a sense of pride and it's sometimes bewildering the high regard which they hold the British media in.

For Marca, Spain's biggest selling newspaper, to end up being mentioned in The Metro is not a big deal. However, they're chuffed nonetheless and that would suggest that the plan all along was to get the story of Bale wanting to leave Tottenham to be big in England.

They succeeded, it was all over Sky Sports and the possibility of a transfer to Real Madrid has been heightened in this country, simply on the words of the Spanish newspaper. Marca are known as being a mouthpiece for Real Madrid at times and if they were trying to unsettle the player then this is the kind of tactic which would be used.

Today they imply that Gareth Bale isn't playing for Tottenham against Sunderland because he's told the club that he wants to leave, it was a natural continuation really. They call it 'mysterious' and say that Gareth Bale has made it clear to Real Madrid, through his agent, that he'd be quite happy to make the move to Spain this summer. However, at least they admit he's not likely to go on strike and push a transfer as hard as Luka Modric did.

Andre Villas Boas has again come out and said Gareth Bale isn't for sale in response to the reports in Spain, and the Tottenham manager looks more tired every time he has to repeat the same stuff. 

There's not much happening in the rumour mill, it's just the same stories turning around and around, and therefore it would be no surprise if the Marca article, and Bale splashed across the front page, is picked up by the British mainstream media again today. 

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Marca is a comic aimed at people with a less than three year old mentality. They are as believable as the Sunday Sport why print any rubbish they spew out?

We always give our own opinion on it, as we have done again. If you don't want to read it, why click on article which clearly says what it is?

Yesterday we explained that the Marca story was probably PR, given that Jesse Rodriguez was mentioned and Real Madrid's refusal to include him in a deal, this wasn't mentioned anywhere else.

Many find this more informative than simply repeating the rumours. We don't need you popping up every day with sarcastic comments. If you don't want to read what Marca have to say then don't click an article which starts with the word MARCA. It's not difficult. 



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