Marco Bueno coming on Trial. All Hail the new Chicarito?!

News all around we're trialing a Mexican kid from Padua after he impressed our scouts in the under 17's World Cup recently.


Comments about Bueno from the Padua President on TV:


Goal vs. Panama:




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He can come as long as he doesn't insist on having some ridiculous nickname on the back of his shirt - Kinderito or something.
U17 level is so risky. It's really difficult to say it he will make it or not. 

I've just translated that, the guys says.


"I couldn't believe when I heard a Premier League club were interested.  Then someone said it was Liverpool and I thought; Andy Carroll for £35m, Jordan Henderson for £18m, Stewart Downing for £20m, they're obviously keen on spending.  He's a defender but with the rise of Chicharito we thought we'd push him up front and a few Pesos here and there he scores a goal against Panama which is all over YouTube.  We changed his surname to Good and it's tricked a few scouts, he runs around with Good on his back and it influences their thinking, we're proud of this development.  We reckon we can get £6m which is brilliant but I'll have to find someone else to clean my car now."

Quote from Bueno - "I want to be like Fernando Torres" ...uh,uh

We'll take the skill but leave the attitude in Mexico!
But I thought Hernandez was the next Michael Owen? Does this mean Bueno is the next next Michael Owen and if so who will be the first Herndandez and how will this affect Bueno's chances of becoming the next first something or other. I can't keep up.



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