Mario Balotelli says he wouldn't want to play with the girls of Barcelona

Mario Balotelli is alive! A few days had passed without a story of him breaking the record for a bar bill or being seen with scantily clad ladies draped over him. We were genuinely getting worried about his safety, but fear not because he's turned up!

Catalan newspaper Sport are incensed over comments he's made to an Italian magazine regarding the Barcelona team.

When asked if he'd like to play for the club, he said "Play for the club? I do not play with girls."

Balotelli may still be angry after his Italy side were torn to pieces by Spain in the final of Euro 2012 but the Catalan press are fiercely protective of Barcelona and the club's players and have made the issue their top story right now. say that Balotelli should concentrate on doing his talking on the pitch.

The Manchester City striker wasn't always irritated by Barcelona. His career could have been a lot different had the club taken up an opportunity they had to sign him. As a youngster Mario Balotelli stayed and trained with Barcelona for a few days and former La Masia coach Franz Sanchez told  newspaper "It was not too many days, three or four workouts and a tournament.

"He seemed a quiet boy, spoke little, also the language barrier, but he was very well behaved at all times.  His attitude was good."

Barcelona didn't sign Balotelli but Sanchez says this was down to no contract being agreed and not a reflection on how they thought he'd progress "There was no agreement on economic conditions between the club and their representatives. It was not a sport decision."

Balotelli hasn't done too badly for himself since but he may not be looked on very kindly by Barcelona fans or the 'girls' who play for them as well in future. 

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