Mario Gotze's agent says there's no way the player wants to join Manchester United or Arsenal yet

A story in The Daily Mail last night raised the hopes of Manchester United and Arsenal fans regarding a possible move for Borussia Dortmund's excellent Mario Gotze. The German international is the jewel in Dortmund's crown and at just 20 years old he has a huge future ahead of him. Judging by what he's shown already the biggest clubs in football must be interested in Gotze but he's always seemed a little unattainable. 

The Daily Mail said...

Arsenal and Manchester United have been alerted after it was revealed that Borussia Dortmund midfielder Mario Gotze has a release clause of £30million. 

The Germany international, 20, has excelled in the Champions League this season. The clause is set to expire in July and a written offer needs to be submitted to the Bundesliga champions by April.

Since they published that article it's been picked up by other newspapers and various websites and is now a fully fledged 'rumour'. They're not making a big deal of it in Germany, and they would if they thought there was any chance of them losing such a talent from the Bundesliga. The Huntelaar situation has been followed closely and when Kagawa was initially linked with Manchester United it was in the press there daily.

Those two are big name players but not as huge as Gotze in Germany, he's the great international hope and they wouldn't be happy at all to see the back of him. It's probably not something they need to worry and why German's newspaper Bild has it as simply a minor passing story. They also quote his agent Volker Struth as saying "There is no intention of Mario to leave in 2013. Therefore, the topic is not interesting."

Pretty clear and straightforward then, if his agent is right then the player isn't going anywhere soon. 

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