Mark Cavendish tweets images of painful crash injuries, keeps his humour

Mark Cavendish suffered a big crash in the Giro d'Italia this week caused when Italian rider Roberto Ferrari changed his sprinting line and went into Cavendish's path. The Olympic hopeful caught his wheel and ended up on the road, suffering what look to be extremely painful injuries. 

The BBC said about the incident:

Mark Cavendish says a rival rider should be punished after causing the Briton to suffer a heavy fall during a sprint finish on the Giro d'Italia. The Team Sky rider was brought down by Roberto Ferrari towards the end of the 190km third stage at Horsens, Denmark.

Cavendish, who crossed the finish line on foot wrote on Twitter: "Crashing at 75kph isn't nice. Nor is Ferrari's manoeuvre. Should be ashamed.

"Other riders, including myself, have been sent home for much less."

Team Sky sports director Steve De Jongh said Cavendish had "lost a lot of skin, but he is OK.
"It was a really nasty crash, I think the guy who caused that should be punished. You cannot make a manoeuvre like that." If fit enough, Cavendish will be able to continue the race because he carried his bike unaided the 100 yards needed to cross the finish line. The 26-year-old later added: "Is the team of Roberto Ferrari or the UCI [cycling's governing body] going to do the right thing?"

Italian Ferrari was relegated to last place by the race jury, but he said: "I didn't know who was behind me. In a sprint, I look straight ahead. I don't preoccupy myself with what's going on behind me."

Mark Cavendish is the current BBC Sports personality of the Year and will carry the hopes of many fans at this year's London Olympics. He's often seen as a bit of an abrupt character but has mellowed somewhat in recent years. Cavendish kept some humour and posted the following on his Twitter account:

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