I've said for five years on here O'Neil was a great manager and we should never!have let him go.

I think tonight he proved again how good he really is. 4 points from the hardest group is remarkable. And they should have beaten Sweden

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we couldn't stop him leaving as he had a tantrum then left weeks out from a new season... leaving us in the mire. Nobody suggested he was a poor coach,just a complete t.w.a.t for the way he treated the club and fans.

From what i've seen from the EUROS so far,all the teams are average. One of the poorest tournaments of recent times.Wales have been the stand out club for me.

He is a good British coach Mr O using the old British style players.

Last of the old breed along with big sam.

Actually Big Sam is heralded these days as a thoroughly modern coach. He has a very big backroom staff of sports scientists, data analysts, sports psychologists, etc etc. He was actually one of the first managers to use Prozone stats in the UK - after his time in America

There is an article here if you are interested.

He may play percentage football - but that is because he knows the numbers

We didn't let him go. He walked out on us because of Lerner, nothing we could do. If he had stayed and had money to spend I don't feel that we would have made Champions League.
We will never know.

Let us look forward with Di Matteo and not back to a manager who did throw a wobbly (however justified) and got paid for it, end of this O'Neill talk, your love of him is well known, but he did not love us enough did he!!

To the future!!
As I've always said I believe there was so much more to the story of O'Neil walking out. Unfortunately it looks like he was the first to work out Lerner.

Of course the way he did walk out was disappointing, even I accept that but Lerner proved! to be an impossible owner to work with.

Di Matteo is a good established manager and I fully agree with his appointment, but he has an incredibly difficult job ahead and will need buckets full of cash to have a chance. This Championship is extremely difficult,and complex with teams seem to coming from nowhere.

Like many owners who get in trouble in football he took the wrong advice thinking this brutal Premiership could be filled with young players, and that incredibly WE! had them. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall listening to these accademy coaches telling him this cr....p From what I'm told that's exactly what went down. Big mistake



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