I hold up my hands,  I was wrong. When we were linked with him to replace the sacked McLeish, I was not keen, 100% wanted Lambert ahead of him. Well I was wrong.

I have been watching Everton this afternoon and what a difference to us! I wonder where we would be now if he had become our boss instead of Lambert 18 months ago.

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in fairness though, he had a top 8 side when he took over, built on very solid foundations, and had some money from the Fellaini deal - which the club knew that they would get, i am pretty sure. 

Bit of a difference to where we were when Lambert took over. 

But, yes, Everton are a v.good side, and Martinez is a very astute manager. 

He'd have had the same problems as Lambert. At Everton he inherited a very good squad, albeit an overly defensive one, which had a pedigree built up over the years. He had a pretty good foundation to build on. Which he is doing, very successfully; he's a top manager in my view. In fact, I'd say that at the moment he's a better manager than Moyes; Moyes may yet come good, but he's got some way to go.

At Villa he'd have been faced with an overpaid squad most of which were past their sell-by date, reluctant to attempt any progress towards a more modern style of football; look at the grief Houllier was given. Lambert went for the brave but maybe necessary route of a total clearout. I don't think Martinez would have done a lot different. Maybe he wouldn't have dropped Bent, maybe he could have got more out of Ireland and N'zogbia. But it's a pretty big maybe.

I think we were unlucky Houllier went. If he'd have stayed I could see players like Cabaye and similar coming in, and the dinosaurs like Dunne and Collins moved on. We'd have replaced Young, Downing would probably have stayed, and he'd have made full use of Bent. And I think there was enough confidence in him to have backed him, in a way which McLeish wasn't.

Instead we had McLeish, a stop-gap. Not much backing because I don't think the confidence was there. And the decline continued big-time, and the mess got worse. If they'd got Martinez instead of McLeish, I think it would have been a totally different ball game. I think Martinez would have changed things in the way Houllier wanted to, and I think more backing would have been there (he wouldn't have come otherwise, he's not stupid). But he was committed to Wigan for another year, so didn't. By the time McLeish was sacked, there was a huge mess facing whoever came in. Would he have done better than Lambert? Don't know. Maybe. But a huge challenge for either.

I'll take lambert any day, in any case the talk of Martinez is fruitless Moyes was always going to Manu and Martinez was always replacing him

End of in my view.

please no more Houllier talk. he was woeful, and the quicker i forget him, the better. 

How can you say he was woeful,on what grounds?
He inherited Oneils crap one dimension playing team and tried to install a proper style of football that the donkeys couldn't do and kicked up a revolution against him,Dunn,Collins etc.
As said if he would of stayed the type of player and style would of been a hell of a Lot more exciting than what we have seen over the last 2.5 seasons!
Our fans only turned on him after that away game at Liverpool,why ,I don't know.His crime was to applauded the fans who sent him so much faith when he had his heart attack at the club,whilst their manager.
The other argument about Martinez ,he did what he could with a low budget team like Wigan,resulting in relegation,he would still be in the same boat moving to villa!
We will eventually go under unless randy starts to invest, no matter who is in charge.
Championship players can only get you so far,Lambert's done miracles getting us to 11 th, but still our fans arn't happy and want him gone!
We are stale to the bone and sinking slow and painfully under this shutting up shop Randy has installed!
It might work in NFL because teams don't get relegated but it's suicide in the prem ,look at Leeds,Wednesday,wolves.
Why punish the club for allowing O'neil to spend unchallenge!



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