Lots of things are only a matter of time but when Seville newspaper Estadio Deportivo say that on Saturday about Fazio and Tottenham Hotspur they mean a short amount of time. With great regret Sevilla are aware there is very little they can do to stop Fazio leaving for Tottenham Hotspur.

The defender had been crucial to Sevilla over the past year and enjoyed success with the Spanish club, probably more than he ever imagined he would. The relationship was good but like Sevilla often do they ended up in a poor contract situation with the player.

Fazio got a new deal last summer but at the time he only had one year left on his contract and so all the power was with him, he asked for a realease clause of €10m to be put in the contract and Sevilla had little option but to agree.

Tottenham are expected to go through the formalities and Sevilla may allow the Premier League club to pay the €10m as a straight transfer fee rather than release clause, making it easier to complete the transfer. Fazio probably expects that.

Estadio Deportivo say that Sevilla had been trying to give Fazio a new contract but when talks broke down the player got a new agency, Wasserman Media Group, to work on his future. The newspaper explain that the agency have good links with Premier League clubs and so a transfer to England became likely from then. 

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