No real need to discuss his positives, anyone who's been watching the league can see he's a good left winger. Left footed, not too bad in the air. 

I personally would really like to see us make an offer for him, should be a bit cheaper than one of the sought after 'gems', good age, and he'd really offer us something different down the left, i.e. an actual left foot...

Plus, why's it so dead here all of a sudden?? 

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Aye it is quiet isn't it? Personally, I've been really busy at work so not on here that much but it seems I haven't missed much during that time!

I'm not convinced we need a winger desperately tbh. I actually think we have better wide options than any other team/squad in the league by a distance. Although I'd still love to sign Gareth Bale!

Wow! Is that what we have become now? Looking for players who played for relegation threatened teams? McLean, Nathaniel Clyne, Jamie Mackie. These are the types of players we get linked to these days. Championship level players. We are Manchester United ffs!!!! We should only look out for world class players or players who have potential to become world class. Id rather spend 30m on a world class player and fail with him than buy a championship level player and wait for him to progress. Barcelona, Madrid, Munich sign world class players every year while we keep flapping on the likes of Bebe, Obertan, Young, Tosic.



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