Barca and Real only look good because La Liga is a mediocre league. If they came up against top 6 English teams they would struggle. The Portuguese teams only look good cos they play in a mediocre league. If they had to play a top 6 English team they would struggle. The Ukranian teams only look good because they are playing mediocre opposition every week. If they had to play a top 6 English team they would struggle. Atletico Madrid only beat Liverpool and Fulham because The Europa league is a mediocre league. Barca and Real only destroyed Arsenal and Spurs because the Champions League is a mediocre league. Messi and Ronaldo only score lots in the Champions League because the Champions League is a mediocre league.

Hello I am the opinion of a Manchester United/English media fan


Thank you


Barry Smith

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Danny Higginbothom would destroy La Liga. 48 Goals? f**k that, he would get 2805 goals a game.
You are not the real nolhman. Also, who else is going to reply? It is a terrible thread and lacks quality, best wishes though.
I dont have that level of technology. I only play real football. Got double hatrick in last league game! 3 left 3 right! Nani would be proud. Follow me on twitter if you desire.
Messi has only scored 34 goals in 54 games in the cl by the age of 23 because it is a weak league, he isnt actually any good and has hair like a girl. When he takes rauls record in a couple of years it because it is weak. Messi will then get fat. Oh dear.
This may be true if we take Balotelli as the second best player in the world and only messi his peer then as Balotelli has become a failure in the premier league that indicates la liga is indeed poor and if messi played here he would be looked upon as akin to Christian poulson

Am I the only one who gets really angry at balotelli? He started off here really well and had a great record, has all the talent in the world, gets paid 160k a week at 20. And yet simply doesnt give a monkeys most of the time. He could be excellent, but I doubt he ever will be. People would give up a testicle to be where he is in life and to have his talent, he doesnt realise how good he has it.

I know this so sounds so simple but I just think he's harmless. He's that stupid though he manages to cause mayhem. No idea why Mancini, who'd worked with him before, bought him.
Im suprised the guy he threw a dart at didnt flatten him.
Norman Whiteside had just replied to me bout a point I made on Twitter. Excuse me whilst I do a jig.
Oh, the legend now follows me. Double jig.



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