Merry Xmas to one and all. Let's hope for joy for Villa over the rest of the season!

Brentford is a test, one we ought to past if we're to stand a chance of promotion. They are a good side and have turned us over in the last couple of seasons. IHowever, if by some magic or fluke we can get back our mojo we ought to be able to compete with them, with a decent chance of a win.

If we turn up with our usual lack of drive, usual lack of threat up front, and especially with our current defensive frailty, we will get beaten.

Me, I'd take Jedi out of the defence, shove him in midfield and rest Whelan for this match. I'd stick Hutton at LB because I think he's better at linking up with Adomah. I'm tempted to stick De
Laet at RB, shove Elmo further forwards, and drop Snoddy. And either Elphick or Suliman at CB (I'd use Richards but not sure he's available). Something like:


De Laet, Elphick, Chester, Hutton

Elmo, Jedi, Hourihane, Adomah



A more radical move would to add Hogan up front:


Elmo, Elphick, Chester, Hutton

Hourihane, Jedi, Adomah


Hogan, Davis

Wondered about 3 at the back, but don't think we have the players for it. Whatever, I don't expect either of the above, and I think it'll be another flat performance and loss.


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Snoddy needs resting, I thought he was dire on Sat.

Bruce says it is Hogan's Time, does that mean we will play to his strengths? I doubt it.

I think we will draw this game and be out of the top 6.

Team: Johnstone, Hutton, Chester, Elphick, Taylor, Snoddy, Whelan, Jedinak, Grealish, Hogan

Bench: Steer, De Laet, Hourihane, Elmo, Davis, Bjarnason, Elmo

Hogan in. With a midfield centred on Jedi and Whelan, any chance of him getting the service he needs? Be surprised. At least Jack is capable of finding him out with the odd pass or two.

No youth on the bench apart from Davis.

What a disappointing selection, at least Flabby is injured again so can’t play, small comfort.

not expecting much tonight, down in eighth  expect to stay there.

oh the joy of supporting Villa, wonder who we’ll get next as manager?

Early doors Hogan looks up for it.

I just don't get why he isn't using one or two of the kids on the bench.

Bruce doesn't do kids unless he's forced to. Adomah off, Onomah on. Oh for O' Hare.

Edit: 1-0 Brentford. Doubt if we'll recover. Whelan mistake.

1-1. Surprise, surprise. Onomah from a cross by Hogan.

Does that prat Hendry get his suits second hand from a small boy?

Vacancy for a manager.

Well that was poor. What were the tactics? Is there a plan?

It looked like they had been told to hoof the ball forward as far from Hogan as possible. Or Give the ball to Jack to see if he can win a free kick for Snodgrass to hit into the wall. Failing that give the ball to them or put it out of play.

Onomah took his goal well, but that was all he did, why not play O'Hare and give a Villa lad experience instead of playing a Spurs player.

If we are to go up or at least get into the play offs, we should get rid of Bruce.

Oh and we have Middlesboro next, who have won 2 in a row and have a new manager, win that one Bruce - not a chance!

Good time to change a manager. Plenty of time for improvement; don't know if we could make the playoffs but loads of time to build a team which can be a force beyond next summer.

Teams reflect their manager. Bruce is way off.

Agree with you on this on McP 

Bruce has to day tried to give some empathy to Villa fan's and has said the team now seem's to be getting it's bad habit's back .

That said who is to blame ? .

The manager has his own squad , Ok there are several injuries to key player's but he should have and be able to use a plan B when the injuries happen .

He is falling woefully short on this at the moment if things do not improve drastically very quickly the Bruce for all his fine talk should be sacked .



Not been on for a while as I felt I was being way negative regards Bruce.

Sadly my negativity to the man and his backroom staff, which keeps growing, is spreading like  wild fire  between many other fans now that follow our club.

I watched all the games over December, hoping that we would start playing good football now we reached the top 6 but it has been horrible to watch, especially at the early hours of the morning here in oz.

We are just so slow and boring to watch, we don't deserve to go up.

It would be an insult to the other teams above us.

We have to get rid of Bruce as " the we need to get back to basics, start again next game" excuses have run there course.

We cant leave it till January, as we could be too far behind the playoff spots.

After watching Dean Smiths Brentford side rip us to shreds again, I would love to see what he could do with our squad and kids. But saying that, most teams have out played us,even those we have beaten

Another point, we need to ditch these old has beens, as they just slow our play down.

Snowden also needs to go back to West Ham as he cant cross for toffee. A waste of a younger player trying to get a place in the squad behind him.

Happy New year all, its more like ground hog day from last Christmas.



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