Merry Xmas to one and all. Let's hope for joy for Villa over the rest of the season!

Brentford is a test, one we ought to past if we're to stand a chance of promotion. They are a good side and have turned us over in the last couple of seasons. IHowever, if by some magic or fluke we can get back our mojo we ought to be able to compete with them, with a decent chance of a win.

If we turn up with our usual lack of drive, usual lack of threat up front, and especially with our current defensive frailty, we will get beaten.

Me, I'd take Jedi out of the defence, shove him in midfield and rest Whelan for this match. I'd stick Hutton at LB because I think he's better at linking up with Adomah. I'm tempted to stick De
Laet at RB, shove Elmo further forwards, and drop Snoddy. And either Elphick or Suliman at CB (I'd use Richards but not sure he's available). Something like:


De Laet, Elphick, Chester, Hutton

Elmo, Jedi, Hourihane, Adomah



A more radical move would to add Hogan up front:


Elmo, Elphick, Chester, Hutton

Hourihane, Jedi, Adomah


Hogan, Davis

Wondered about 3 at the back, but don't think we have the players for it. Whatever, I don't expect either of the above, and I think it'll be another flat performance and loss.


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Not posted a lot recently because my anti Bruce negativity appeared to be not to everyone's liking !

All of the above comments appear now to suggest that this idiot of a so called manager has to go before its to late to rescue this season ?

C'mon Dr give us all a little bit of after Xmas cheer & get rid of this clown - NOW

Hi Greek, I don't mind what your views are, you are free to say what you want.

Sadly I think Bruce is here til the end of the season come what may. I hope he turns it around, but I feel it is too much for him with no strikers to call on or design plays for.

Xia, Wyness and round have to face the fact that if Bruce is allowed to stay until the summer and the performances stay as they are then a huge amount of negativity will creep in, which we thought we'd got rid of, and what's more that will reflect on them and the club as well as Bruce. They need to avoid that. We don't want Xia out, Wyness out as well as Bruce out.



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