Like the way we've been using different players for the Cup; stops good players from suffering from bench-rot and gives younger players good experience. We've been taking risks and it's payed off. I'd go for something like:


Bree Samba Elphick De Laet

Lansbury Doyle-Hayes Thor

O' Hare McCormack Hogan

McCormack because that's an investment we shouldn't be wasting, he's looking fitter than last season, and even then he scored a few goals before Bruce threw him out. It's time to give him another chance.

Elphick because he's not the disaster some now assume; he was actually pretty good before a short spell out with an injury, and had just one bad game before Bruce benched him in favour of Baker.

There's a bit of a risk that this line up turns out not to be strong enough, but if we play on the front foot I think that's a risk worth taking. Those 3 up front could cause havoc.

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Agreed McP but I think it is a match that we can win !

Elphick is a good player & deserves a chance to prove it - Samba, Terry & Whelan are well past their sell by dates (but not in Brucies eyes - Flabby to play ?)

McCormack really does deserve a second chance - hopefully he will get it !

No problem with any of the kids playing.

Team: Steer; Hutton, Elphick, Samba, De Laet; Lansbury, Doyle-Hayes; O’Hare, Onomah, Bjarnason; Hogan

Subs: Bunn, Bree, Richards, Clark, Lyden, Blackett-Taylor, McCormack

Wasn't too far out. Hutton instead of Bree. Onomah instead of McCormack. McCormack at least makes the bench instead of Gabby.


From the way we are playing then its obvious this total excuse for a manager has to go !

Elphick is a total liability now he's been sent off ( I thought he was a good player ruined by our manager - how wrong was I !)

Again surrendering possession to a 3rd team Boro - 5 shots all 1st half not one on target !

Can it really get any worse for us loyal supporters with this clown in charge ?

Sod it I might just as well go support Skoda Xanthi in Greece 2nd division.

No more excuses about resting senior players because they cant play 2 matches in a week

we are talking about ultra fit professionals on mega bucks each week - make em earn the  pay that us (well you lot pay as entrance fees) if this clown has decided to field a totally inadequate set up team then why do the supporters have to pay for it ?

Please do not say that promotion is the aim this year at the expense of everything else

cos I do not believe that ! 

0-0 HT. McCormack replaces Lansbury on 41 mins. Injury?

0-2 FT. Bamford with penalty after Elphick sent off. Bamford with a header.

If you take risks you sometimes lose. But you have to take risks. Couldn't find a stream so don't know what the match was like. Sounds like we had chances but overall our team was weaker than their weakened team. Without Davis or Kodjia we're lacking an edge up front. Maybe my idea of playing McCormack from the off wasn't such a bad one.



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