Midfielder in talks with Manchester United, move looks likely but not nailed on

The situation surrounding Andreas Periera has blown up somewhat in the media over the past week. That's largely down to his father speaking to the Dutch media about a possible transfer to PSV Eindhoven and Pereira himself supposedly speaking to Turin newspaper Tuttosport. It was claimed that Pereira had told the Italian newspaper he'd received an offer from Juventus and was seriously considering it.

Pereira was certainly looking like something of a bad boy but we've been led to believe things aren't quite so straightforward. A brake has been put on ideas of the player moving and doubt cast over what he's actually said and who he's actually spoken to. 

It could be a car screeching into reverse but, either way, it appears there's still a decent chance that Pereira could stay at Manchester United and we've been told the club themselves need to make more of an effort than they already have, perhaps previously taking it for granted that Pereira would automatically sign a renewal. 

Belgian newspaper Het Belang van Limburg appear to have been informed similar and on Friday they say a reliable source has told them negotiations with Manchester United are still ongoing. 

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